2018-06-10 36-year old with cancerous neck tumor blames cell phone

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1)    We keep asking how much more evidence do the powers-that-be need before the Precautionary Principle is implemented. How many more people have to suffer the consequences of unbridled exposure to microwave radiation from gadgets that the industry, the cancer agencies, our government and our own public health officials deny?  Please, listen to this young man, and consider sending widely.  This is precisely what the NTP and Ramazzini studies reported. He IS the evidence.

36 Year Old with Neck Tumor/Cell Phone Related: Santa Rosa 5G Small Cell Testimony

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM_doefBLz0&feature=share  (3:11 minutes)

2)    More Galaxy cell phones burst into flames. There is no such thing as a “safe cell phone”.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 & S8 Cell Phones Cause Fire – http://kwbe.com/abc_national/woman-says-cellphone-burst-into-flames-destroyed-car-while-she-was-driving-abcid36078410/

Woman says cellphone burst into flames, destroyed car while she was driving

“Samsung has had problems with phones bursting into flames, but neither the Galaxy S4 or S8 are on recall lists. The phone maker says it is investigating the incident…

Samsung dealt with major fallout from one of its phones overheating in late 2016.  

The Galaxy Note7 had problems overheating and bursting into flames shortly after it was released in August 2016. It officially issued a recall the following month, and then halted production in October 2016.  The Federal Aviation Administration banned the Note7 from flights in October 2016, as well.”


3)    The Internet of Things and “smart” devices capture data without our knowing it or giving our consent. Privacy used to be valued but now people give their personal information away without consideration of the possible consequences. All of these things combined means those of us who want some degree of privacy are going to have to fight for it.

The internet of things is built to leak

“Yet for all the cases of hackers illegally accessing data from IoT products, few consumers are aware that many IoT devices are designed to collect and share potentially private data as part of their normal operation. The stakes are enormous: as more products come equipped with cameras and microphones — not to mention thermal sensors, accelerometers, facial and biometric analysis, and GPS — we are quietly building a sensor fabric that may soon be inescapable, even inside private spaces like the home.

As “smart” becomes the new default setting for devices, the privacy risks are not always clear, especially as companies combine data from multiple sources to infer an individual’s habits, movements, and emotional states…

All devices introduced to the IoT should meet basic security requirements, such as encrypting data, strong authentication, and automatic security updates. But in addition to staving off hackers, IoT devices should protect individuals’ privacy as part of their design. Otherwise, before we know it, the relentless data-tracking practices that have become business as usual online will migrate to the offline world, and the concept of a private space where we can retreat, be anonymous, and avoid the gaze of commercial companies and other people will become a quaint relic of the past.”


4)    A good example of scamming.. It can happen to anyone and it did to us. Dennis thought he had the Microsoft website and, in fact, it was a scammer. Even the IT person who fixed the many problems said the website was very clever and the URL differed from the true Microsoft help site by only one typed letter.

Remote-access Scammers – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-06-03/australian-web-cams-hacked-to-make-secret-recordings-online/9807960


Australian webcams hacked to make secret recordings, posted to YouTube, in online scam


Remote-access scammers trick their victims into handing over big money — as well as control of their computers — in return for fake fixes for technical problems that never existed.”





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Sent: June 7, 2018
To: Katie Gibbs, Evidence for Democracy
Subject: Re: Launching our federal budget toolkit!

If I remember correctly, Trudeau promised science based decision making….. but his government and every other government seems to listen only to science when it is convenient and when it supports corporate plans already adopted. Scientists from all over the globe have been, for decades, constantly warning about the increased levels of microwaves produced by the telecommunications-related industries yet governments seem content to make decisions based upon industry-funded and/or sponsored science. Independent scientific studies have consistently showed cell and DNA damage in humans, cancerous growth in humans, interference with pollinators, damage/death of plant life from microwave exposure at the frequency ranges currently used and/or proposed by telecommunications industries and their spinoffs….. yet nothing is being done. Why? And why have leading protest organizations, like yourselves, not moved on this issue? Microwave-emitting cells and devices are being deployed right in residential neighborhoods all over Canada and the U.S. with little or no public discussion….. who is bringing this issue and the related issues to light? Most of the media outlets are owned by these same telecommunication companies that are deploying these devices and refuse to make public any part of these issues….. I know because I’ve tried to contact the media outlets about this issue and have been discouraged from continuing…. I know because I’ve tried contacting city/municipal councils with the same results.

So, who is going to look after this before the health of the entire population is permanently compromised? Senator McCain is just the latest person of notoriety to fall victim to microwave exposure…. but he won’t be the last. And let me point out that it is not just proximity to a cell phone that will cause damage. ALL the devices that use or generate microwaves are responsible, to one degree or another, for health problems experienced by a growing number of individuals, animals, and the environment at large and the compounding effect of more and more microwaves being broadcast to operate more and more devices is accelerating deterioration in the general health of this environment and everything in it.


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From: info@evidencefordemocracy.ca on behalf of Katie Gibbs, Evidence for Democracy
Sent: June 6, 2018
To:   X
Subject: Launching our federal budget toolkit!


Last year, scientists, researchers, and science-enthusiasts came out in droves to ask for science to be represented in Budget 2018. Through talking to their MPs, submitting briefs, and taking to social media, we asked and we were heard.

We know it’s hard to believe – but Budget 2019 is not so far away. It seems like just last week were advocating for Canadian science and evidence to be well-funded in Budget 2018, but it’s almost time to start the process all over again.

That’s why I’m happy to announce we are launching our Budget Toolkit ! Check out our latest training document to find out how the pre-budget process works, why we advocate for funding during the pre-budget process, and how you can be involved.

This is a key process the government uses to decide their priorities for the coming year – and it’s crucial that they hear directly from scientists, researchers and individuals like you to understand how important it is to invest in science, and evidence-based decision-making.

We also just launched the latest issue of  “the Catalyst,” E4D’s volunteer newsletter. Check out to see what E4D has been up to and read about some of our amazing volunteers.

Once again, thanks for all you do!

Katie Gibbs

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Sharon Noble
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