2018-03-26 Dr. Pall “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health.”

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1)    Here [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Wi-Fi-is-an-important-threat-to-human-health-by-Martin-L.-Pall-Elsevier-Environmental-Research-164-2018-405-416.pdfis a report by Dr. Martin Pall “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health.” The report is about 10 pages long, with a lot of very interesting material mixed with some very technical portions.

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Of special note: he discusses Ken Foster and John Moulder, 2 industry-affiliated scientists who, for years, have argued that there is no evidence of harm from exposure to microwave radiation. These 2 “bent” scientists have been on Health Canada panels that have reviewed Safety Code 6, saying it is protective of non-thermal effects when it applies to thermal effects only.

On page 412 (8 of 12), Dr. Pall explains how they use poor science to help support Wi-Fi in schools, cell phones, etc.  On page 411 (7 of 12), he speaks about the effects of RF on birds navigational systems.  He concludes that evidence warrants use of wired Wi-Fi in schools, restaurants, etc., especially where children spend time.

2)    Take care of your good old reliable and safe TV. When you go to buy a new one, it will not only be “smart” = invasive but it might also be new “internet” TV, requiring stronger signals from transmitters and penetrating buildings (and bodies) even better than today’s signals do.

– https://www.anandtech.com/show/12308/atsc-releases-atsc-30-digital-tv-standards-suite-internet-tv

ATSC 3.0: The Next Generation OTA TV Launches in Late 2018

Next Gen TV is an Internet Protocol (IP) based system, which means it can carry internet content alongside the traditional over-the-air broadcast signal

This month, broadcasters got a green light from the FCC to begin rolling out a new over-the-air TV standard. The update to the improved ASTC 3.0 standard, commonly known as “Next Gen Broadcast TV”, gives broadcasters a chance to compete in an increasingly crowded market. This is the first major upgrade in broadcast TV since the transition to digital signals (DTV) in 2009.

Next Gen TV is an Internet Protocol (IP) based system, which means it can carry internet content alongside the traditional over-the-air broadcast signal. The newer standard supports 4K video and high dynamic range (HDR) content. This opens up never before available interactive features like video-on-demand and advanced emergency alerts for broadcast TV…

The best news is that Next Gen TV signals will be stronger and will transmit over greater distances and deeper into buildings; not only will broadcast TV be better, but the reception will be as well.”


3)    Katie Singer’s March Newsletter:

– http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/

In Telecommunications We Trust: Reports On and Options for Democracy


4)    The Minister for Citizens’ Services has invited comments about the Freedom of Information Act and the use of FOI requests.  I hope, if you have had any experiences with such requests, that you will provide your comments.  I have provided mine to her in the letter below.


– https://engage.gov.bc.ca/infoaccess/

From: Sharon Noble
Sent: March 25, 2018
To: CITZ.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Subject: Freedom of Information

Dear Minister Sims,


I thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns about the Freedom of Information Act in British Columbia, and the way it is being used to prevent the public from enjoying the transparency we deserve and expect.

Over the last 5-6 years I have been attempting to get more information about the smart meter program relating to costs, safety, health, and security. Unfortunately, to date every inquiry has been blocked by Sections 21 and 22 of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

Examples of the topics about which I have inquired:

1)    The costs for the program are the highest in North America on a per meter basis.  How many quotes were requested and obtained?  On what basis was the ITRON meter selected?

2)    The smart meters are electrical equipment that normally would be certified safe by CSA but, due to a loophole in the BC Electrical Standards Act, they are not. Did an independent professional electrical engineer licensed in BC certify these meters to be safe? If so, please provide that certification.

3)    ITRON and BC Hydro are basing financial projections of the program on a 20 year life expectancy, even though the industry acknowledges that smart meters’ life expectancy is 5-7 years. What is the warranty for these ITRON meters?

4)    How many smart meters have been replaced and what are the reasons for doing so?

5)    With the signed authorization of the victim of a smart meter fire, who inspected the smart meter after it was removed from the scene before the fire inspector could complete his job?

6)    Independent electrical engineers have identified many design flaws in the meter, one of which has never been included in tests done by ITRON, ANSI or BC Hydro. When told that an agency did test the component, I was run in a circle for the results and eventually, after many months, BC Hydro said that they could not tell me anything about the results due to Section 21 of the FOI Act.

Minister Sims, in every instance I was told, after several months, that the information was not being provided because, under Section 21, to do so could “reasonably be expected to harm significantly the competitive position, or interfere significantly with the negotiating position, of the third party, or result in undue financial loss or gain to any person or organization. In essence, BC Hydro is protecting ITRON, at our expense. When I’ve complained to the Commission [BCUC] , they have told me that there is nothing that can be done. The Commission is limited in its reach, being able to respond only if the agency failed to respond. They have no authority to take action if the response is dishonest, disingenuous, or non-responsive. So, Minister Sims, what is the purpose of the Commission?

The Act is being used by BC Hydro to refuse to grant information that is of significance to the public. These dangerous devices are on our homes exposing our lives, the lives of our loved ones and our property, to undue risk.  This was not the reason for the creation of the Act, and I would hope that you will address this misuse of this significant law. If you cannot fix it, then please do away with it entirely so that everyone knows that we have no hope to expect transparency in our government. Please either fix it so that it allows the public to know the truth about the workings of the government and its agencies, or eliminate the sham altogether.

Sharon Noble



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“But what we need above all is criti­cal citizens, who can spot the difference between technical progress and consumer foolishness: citizens who, as both voters and consumers, remember that democracy once meant rule of the people, not ruling the people.”
~ Dr. Karl Hecht 


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