2018-03-24 Judge in Pennsylvania acknowledges something about smeters is affecting health

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1)    Canada and New Zealand are testing 5G, but the technology is far from ready for implementation. A pilot test in Vancouver was done in conjunction with the Chinese firm Huawei, a company about which security experts in various countries have raised concerns.  Telus has worked closely with Huawei, using their transmitters in the microcells installed outside homes. Very concerning and we must ask Horgan why this is being allowed.  What other components of our infrastructure, besides Site C,  are being designed, built and, perhaps, controlled by China?

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Canada and New Zealand announce major 5G tests, but national service remains years off

As we reported in February, Canadian carrier Telus has been testing fixed 5G services in Vancouver using hardware from Chinese equipment provider Huawei; Bell Canada has also reportedly tested 5G in rural parts of the country. But major Canadian cities such as Toronto have not yet been promised consumer 5G service, nor has the Canadian government allocated key radio spectra needed for 5G services.

It’s also noteworthy that Canada’s ENCQOR announcement comes only days after three former Canadian national security agency heads urged the government to cut ties with Huawei. As The Globe and Mail reports, the three officials raised concerns over Chinese monitoring of network communications, mirroring issues previously identified in the U.S. and Australia. Current Canadian officials appear to be weighing the warnings without committing to anything.


2)    In Pennsylvania a judge ruled that a woman could not refuse a smeter because it is making her ill, accepting Peco’s rebuttal that RF was the problem. But he did acknowledge that something about the smeter is affecting her health.

Maria Povacz v PECO Energy Company – C-2015-2475023 – http://www.puc.pa.gov/pcdocs/1558335.pdf

Judge says Peco customer can relocate a smart meter, but not get rid of it

“A Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission administrative law judge has ruled that a New Hope customer who says a Peco smart meter made her sick can’t force the utility to replace the wireless device, but she can pay to move the equipment away from her house.

In a recommended decision posted Tuesday, the PUC hearing examiner, Darlene D. Heep, said that Peco had successfully rebutted Maria Povacz’s claims that radio waves from the meter had caused her health problems.

But the judge said, “The preponderance of the evidence does suggest that some other aspect of the Peco smart meters is inimitably perceptible by and contrary to the health and well-being of the individual, Ms. Povacz.”


3)    Yet another reason to avoid cell phones.  The director of a cancer institute warns that the light emitted by them could damage skin.

Cell Phones Are Not Safe

Cell phone dangers: Your smartphone could be damaging your skin

“But could the light your smartphone gives off be aging your skin? 

“HEV is high energy visible light, which is also called blue light, or near UV light. Which is a type of light radiation that comes out of the cell phone,” Salner said. 

Salner says that while there isn’t a lot of research on the aging effects of HEV light, in theory, it could be very damaging. 

“HEV penetrates the skin a little bit more deeply, and that’s why some researchers have speculated that there may be injury to tissues below the skin’s surface. In the connective tissues for example, in the dermis, not the epidermis. That could lead potentially to wrinkling or skin injury. So it does penetrate a little more deeply, but we don’t yet have research to demonstrate that,” he said.”



From: Christel Martin
Sent: March 22, 2018 5:50 PM
To: bcauditor@bcauditor.com
Cc: Sharon Noble

Subject: Fwd: smart meters, 5G, microcells, etc.

Dear Ms Bellringer,

I understand that you are reviewing BC Hydro’s policies and practices, so I am forwarding the email I sent Mr. Wieringa earlier today.  I have been fighting my personal health battle since March 1997, when the exterminator changed my life forever.  I suspect his isn’t so great either.

Christel Martin

= = =

From: Christel Martin   (name given with permission)
Sent: March 22, 2018 10:54 AM
To: paul.wieringa@gov.bc.ca
Cc: Sharon Noble

Subject: smart meters, 5G, microcells, etc.

Dear Mr. Wieringa,

The last time [BC] Hydro called to tell me I “must” accept a smart meter, I told the young lady that, because I am electro-hyper-sensitive due to mercury poisoning (courtesy of an unregulated professional exterminator who used a banned commercial fungicide to kill carpenters ants in my just-purchased first house), and I cannot tolerate wifi, cell phones, etc. in my vicinity, the only way I would accept a smart meter on my home is if and only if the installer brings three cyanide capsules, one for me and each of my dogs (one of my dogs has since died, so we need only two now).  WWII service men had the option of suicide rather than being tortured to death, and I want the same option.  Within an hour of ending that phone call, the RCMP were at my door asking if I was depressed.

I am absolutely not depressed.  I am angry.

When we went to court to fight for our right to keep our analogue meters, the judge threw out the case because our grounds were too broad.  However, she did say that we have the right NOT to be spied upon in our own homes, and to refuse anything that makes us sick in our own homes.

I’ve already paid out-of-pocket for:

– repairing my house of carpenter ant damage (insurance doesn’t cover vermin)

– chelation therapy (not covered by MSP although on VIHA’s internal website, chelation is the only recognized treatment for heavy metal poisoning)

– rewiring my house to make it safer for me

– a $2,000 “Faraday cage” net around my bed to block microwave radiation just so I can sleep

– multitudes of vitamins and supplements to support chelation and my ongoing health

– naturopathic and functional medicine specialists

– mercury-amalgam-free dentistry

– endless “reading” fees by Hydro, $32.50/month even though they only read the meter every two months

– Gordon Campbell’s hatred of HEU cost me 45% of my hours and wages, affecting all aspects of pension, Blue Cross, etc.

I do not qualify for BC Disability because my combined pensions (CPP Disability until age 65, OAS and MPP) came to more than $1,000 and BC would claw back anything over the BC Disability pension; they would not even accept my application because I “earn” too much, so I cannot go camping in provincial parks for free as can other disabled people; I do not get dental coverage (can’t afford Blue Cross’s dental anymore, so had to cancel that in Jan. 2017).

EHS means I can’t tolerate most medical clinics, hospitals, libraries and other public buildings, and I have to carefully regulate my exposure or I’ll get sick.

With 5G and microcells on the way, I won’t even be safe inside my own home, except maybe in bed under my RF shield.

I am now 67 years old, broke and wondering how we got here, that Canadians are being slow-cooked by microwave radiation in the name of “progress.”  It’s not “just me” either: every creature caught between “my” cell phone (I don’t have one) and the nearest cell tower is being cooked, confused and taken off-course because microwave radiation interferes with their ability to find home.  Think about that the next time you’re outside, pollinating your fruit and veggies with a Q-Tip — because we are definitely well on the way there.

Please, dump these smart meters.  They are not worth the money or health effects.

Christel Martin


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.”
~ Nicholas Nassim Taleb


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