2018-03-12 Phonegate data finally released.

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1)    I had internet problems that prevented me from using my computer until this evening and through this experience, I’ve learned something you should know. We use Shaw and have always had a wired router, having the wireless capability turned off by Shaw.  You might have a modem if you only have one computer hooked up. We have a router that serves both Dennis’s and my computer.

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This morning our router was dead, so Dennis took it to Shaw for a replacement. The woman there looked at our file, saw that we do not use wireless access and said she had turned it off. Dennis came home, hooked everything up, but only his computer worked. I called Shaw and was told that wired routers allow only 1 connection, the others had to be wireless. I objected and said we had always had 3 wired ports, two for our computers and another for our homeplug which allows us to use Netflix, streaming, etc. on our TV. After a lot of back and forth, the fellow eventually agreed to allow 3 ports to be active on a wired router.  He worked for perhaps 20 minutes before saying he had managed to do it.

I hung up, went to my computer and turned on my HF Analyzer to see if all was OK — it went crazy. The Wi-Fi was on full blast. I called Shaw again and, after about an hour of back and forth, convinced the techies that this could and must be done. Finally, I was given a way to turn off the Wi-Fi myself and to check to see if it had come on again, which can happen if there is some factory reset.  Go to Google, and on the line with the URL, instead of a www address type in and hit enter. The login box shows and the password is the serial number on your modem or router. Then a page comes up for the 2 frequencies that Shaw uses, 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.  Go into each and disable the Wi-Fi.

I’m sure that each provider has the same ability to give you a way to ensure that your Wi-Fi is disabled.

I believe the Shaw people just took the easy way out and figured we’d never know we had Wi-Fi. Not unlike Telus…

2)    Warning re. hackers, especially for those using a WordPress website, blog, etc.  Everyone needs good anti-virus protection and to keep it updated. This type of hacking could eventually damage a computer.

– https://authentic8.blog/cryptojacking-101/

‘Cryptojacking’ hacker trend turns Canadian web surfers into cryptocurrency miners

“Segura said what’s striking about this latest trend is that it affects virtually any kind of device that can access a website. In the past, many consumers thought they were safe from viruses and malware on their mobile phones or Apple computers.

“It’s platform agnostic in the sense that it doesn’t matter if you have a Windows computer, or a Mac, or even a mobile device, if you’re visiting that website your device will start mining regardless,” he said.

He added there is a possible risk of damage to an overworked device if it were to be left mining endlessly for an extended period of time.”


3)    An attorney in Seattle is fighting to have smeters banned. He has written an extremely long demand to the Utilities Commission (I must admit to reading less than half!).

James Robert Deal – Coalition Against So-Called Advanced Meters – Washington, USA
– http://www.jamesrobertdeal.org/demand-that-utilities-commission-ban-smart-meters/



“The Coalition opposes so-called advanced meters and points out their defects, the physical harms they cause, the damage they cause to property, their failure economically, their eavesdropping and surveillance capabilities, and their failure to qualify according existing regulations. So-called advanced meters and all electronic meters are a Consumer Protection Act case waiting to happen.”


4)    Finally, 2 years after Phonegate” was revealed, where it was learned that many cell phones tested in Europe emit higher levels of RF than allowed, the data has been released.  Dr. Arazi will review the 20,000 pages and report on the results.  As Wendy Mesley reported, cell phones in North America are not tested realistically and people are exposed to extremely high levels of RF – probably, at times, exceeding even the very high limits allowed by Safety Code 6.

– http://arazi.fr/wp2/2018/03/press-release-phonegate-a-new-victory-in-our-fight-for-transparency-against-anfr/

Phonegate : A new victory in our fight for transparency against ANFR

In the fight for transparency, it is a new victory against ANFR which, using multiple arguments, has repeatedly refused to make public these data that are essential to the health and safety of mobile phone users.  For Dr. Marc Arazi who launched the alert on this new health and industrial scandal:  “This is an important major victory but now the French and European people must be fully informed and governments must take measures of protection, in particular, ordering the removal of mobile phones that exceed the thresholds in contact with the body.  The inertia of Ministers Nicolas Hulot and Agnès Buzyn is no longer acceptable. »…

Mr. Arnaud Durant, lawyer at the Paris Bar who is closely following this case, wishes to react :  “The ‘alleged’ conformity advanced by ANFR for these mobile phones absolutely does not take into account the question of the existence of a possible safety flaw.  In European law, a product is defective when it does not offer the safety that the consumer can legitimately expect.   What other use can one reasonably expect from a ‘mobile’ phone?   One certainly expects to be able to hold it against the cheek, in the hand, or even in a pocket, but certainly not to be subjected to a situation where the thresholds are being exceeded or a specific health risk such as the risk of carcinogenesis.”


Here is the press release in English.

5)    A letter in a Montana paper about smeters being installed through threats, deception, without notice. If correct, there is a higher opt-out fee – $75 – reported. I will check this out and let you know if, in fact, this is true. Until I confirm, we are still #1 in opt-out fees!!

– http://www.yellowstonecountynews.com/201802161723/are-smart-meters-installed-without-consent/

Are smart meters installed without consent?

“Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC) has installed new AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) “smart” utility meters without our informed consent. AMI Smart Meters could be an invasion of privacy and also a cyber-security threat. They are associated with a host of health conditions, and catch on fire and explode more easily due to their design.

YVEC has operated under a veil of secrecy and deception concerning these meters. For example, the manager of YVEC adamantly claimed that they did not use any government funding to install these surveillance capable devices. However, legal discovery documents show that YVEC did take government funding to deploy the Smart Grid and Smart Meters.”


6)    And now for a change of pace:  The Muppets explain why they don’t want cell towers in their yards.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SUkKeWkpZs&feature=youtu.bev   (2:36 minutes)


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The truth is inconvertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it. But there it is”
~ Winston Churchill


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