2018-03-11 BC Hydro incident report with an exploded smeter

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1)    Attached [see link below] is the 3rd semi-annual report on smeter incidents that the BCUC required as a result of my 2016 complaint about smeter fires. These are only the incidents BC Hydro handled, I believe. There could have been, and probably were, incidents where Fire Departments handled the problem. Note on page 9 of 16 where a smeter exploded off a home, flying 4.5 meters. If someone had been nearby, an injury from this flying device could have occurred. I intend to ask how many analogs have exploded off a meter base?  And notice, all the problems are supposedly related to the meter base….

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– https://www.activistpost.com/2018/03/195-exploding-e-cigarettes-get-attention-hundreds-thousands-utility-smart-meters-replaced-due-malfunctioning-fires-explosions.html


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2)    Another brain tumour victim.Nothing about the type of tumour or whether it is cancerous, and it could be metastasis from her breast cancer, but more and more we’re hearing about brain tumors. Yet the industry and the Cancer Societies keep telling us the rate is going down. I find it very hard to believe when there is news about more victims at least every week. And we usually hear about famous people. Who is tracking the other victims? No one.

– http://people.com/music/lorna-luft-diagnosed-brain-tumor/

Judy Garland’s Daughter Lorna Luft Diagnosed with Brain Tumor After Collapsing


3)    People all over North America are complaining about huge increases in electricity bills. Of course, the pat answer from the utilities is “it’s colder than last year”, even if it hasn’t been. We need to have tests done to see if the smeter is, in fact, running fast or is influenced by RF from other devices.  As far as I know, no one has done this yet.

– https://smartgridawareness.org/?s=higher+bills

Exorbitant power bills aren’t just a Maine thing

“The Telegram discovers similar complaints across 22 states. An inquiry is underway, but finding answers has now gotten thornier.


Someone from a USA group gathered this info:


Electric customers from all over the U.S. joined Mainers in expressing outrage about power bills doubling, tripling or worse in December and January. The Maine Sunday Telegram reviewed 40 media stories from 22 states that were published or broadcast between Jan. 5 and Feb. 20. In each instance, extreme cold weather was identified as the primary cause of spiking bills. Here are 10 examples of headlines from the period:

Virginia, Jan. 11: Dominion Energy customer horrified by $572 electric bill.

Florida, Jan. 17: Drop in temperatures raising electric bills.

Georgia, Jan. 29: Brunswick Electric members fed up with expensive bills.

Tennessee, Jan. 30: Shocking electric bills – and response.

Michigan, Jan. 31: Customers raise concerns after spikes in Consumers Energy bills.

South Carolina, Feb. 1: High electric bills soar over $1,000 for some low-country households.

Louisiana, Feb. 2: Northwest Louisiana residents fret over high electric bills after cold January.

New York, Feb. 5: January cold snap sends February utility bills through the roof.

North Carolina, Feb. 6: I-Team: What’s to blame for skyrocketing electric bills?

Texas, Feb. 6: High energy bills have central Texans questioning their providers.

4)    Telecoms are claiming that 5G is to allow fast internet in rural areas currently with poor internet service. Really?  If this is so, why the concentration of microcells in urban areas with good/excellent service?

– https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/02/technology/5g-cellular-service.html

5G Cell Service Is Coming. Who Decides Where It Goes?

“City officials are not buying it. Mobilitie, one of the nation’s largest cell-tower operators, submitted an unofficial plan in Montgomery County, Md., in the fall, designating where the company might want to place small cells. Of the 215 small-cell sites in that plan, only 11 were in areas with fewer than 1,000 people per square mile. 

“It is deeply disingenuous to suggest that the need to pre-empt urban areas’ ordinances is so we can bring broadband to rural areas,” said Mitsuko R. Herrera, the county’s technology special projects director. “There is zero evidence to support that premise.”…

In January, Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, Calif., resigned his seat on an F.C.C. 5G advisory committee, saying it was rigged to give industry what it wanted “without any obligation to provide broadband access to underserved residents.””


Neighbourhood Microcells – Mission, BC


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