2018-03-05 Financial messes, BC Hydro’s and ours.

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1)    BC Hydro’s financial mess most likely will continue because no government is willing to cut unnecessary, expensive programs like Site C.  With rate increases looming, the death spiral for Hydro is inevitable as prices for solar panels, etc. decrease and technology improves.

– http://vancouversun.com/news/politics/rob-shaw-ndp-must-learn-from-years-of-liberal-messes-to-fix-icbc-and-hydro

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NDP must learn from years of liberal messes to fix ICBC and Hydro

“A new premier rides into office on a promise of improving affordability for ordinary families, but quickly finds the government’s agenda threatened by a looming financial crisis and massive rate hikes at B.C. Hydro and the Insurance Corporation of B.C.”


2)    High bills are continuing problems for many people after smeters are installed. Here is one complaint from Australia. In Letters are some comments about high bills that I extracted from a Facebook discussion. People are suffering and have no explanation for the huge increase in consumption. I believe we deserve to have independent tests of all possibilities. Are these wireless meters influenced by other nearby wireless devices? Are there software problems? The large increases that occur with every brand of smeter cannot be coincidence. There is something inherently wrong with these meters, or at least a significant percentage of them.

Bills – Hannah Partridge lives in a house in Blacks Beach Cove, Queensland, Australia with her partner and four-month-old baby – Ergon Energy power bill – https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/its-crazy-shock-as-power-bill-jumps-by-900/3351928/


[….Smart meters, which give power companies the ability to remotely connect, read and control electricity use, were made compulsory in Australia from December 1 [2017]….]


Comments from a Facebook page:

what is everyone’s Hydro bill looking like, I am looking at my dad’s and it is almost 900.00 for 2 months … he is a single man living on his own … and has nothing going on … does this sound about right!

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I’m on Salt Spring and mine went from 475 to 931. Everyone I know here had their bill basically double…

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I paid 800 for two months and new house. Only 1500 sq ft.

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Like you I’m frustrated because I’m only on Pender part time. I keep my house on extreme low while I’m not there but for some reason the two months cost me 450 and I was only able to be there for 5 days out of the two months. I only did laundry once while I was there too!



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

The only thing green about smart meters is the money going into the corporate pockets….


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