2018-03-02 BCUC decides rates will increase April 1

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1)    Rates increase April 1 despite NDP promise.   Both the Site C fiasco and the ridiculous Smeter Program are adding to the deficit and both were rejected by BCUC – the smeter program was rejected in 2008 and we’ll pay for it forever.

BC Hydro rates go up Apr.01, 2018 despite NDP promise to freeze them – New Lifeline Rates and Economic Hardship Grants – https://globalnews.ca/news/4057268/b-c-hydro-rates-are-going-up-despite-ndp-promise-to-freeze-them/

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BC Hydro rates are going up despite NDP promise to freeze them

The BCUC panel found there was ‘insufficient regulatory justification’ to warrant freezing the rates because BC Hydro would no be able to fully recover forecast revenue requirements.

Energy Minister Michelle Mungall spoke after the announcement.

“I appreciate their rationale. They’re very clear in a nutshell that this is a mess. There is a mess at BC Hydro, it needs to be cleaned up, and I hear that,” she said…

In a statement, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver said, “I am glad that the government is respecting BCUC’s independence.”

“If governments had always done this, British Columbians would not be facing the travesty of the Site C boondoggle,” the statement went on to say. “BCUC makes its decisions based on evidence and in what is the best interests of ratepayers. Respect for proper process is essential for public trust in government and for the integrity of our democracy.”


2)    I was asked to participate in a public meeting at Port Townsend, Washington next Saturday to discuss smeter fires, among other problems. But the meeting was called off after the group, SMOG, revealed possible collusion between one of the public officials promoting the ITRON smeter program and ITRON. Port Townsend does not have smeters yet and many have heard the problems others have experienced and the concerns re. privacy and cybersecurity.

Considering this experience, with an insider apparently working directly with ITRON, raises the question – could this have happened here?  As far as we have been able to find out, the marketing involved very few quotes. When I asked, perhaps in 2011, about the possibility of having wired meters, etc. I was told that BC Hydro didn’t know there were wired ones. That they just went with ITRON’s quote for wireless smeters.  With all the false and incorrect information we’ve been given, it’s hard not to wonder if such collusion occurred here.


Customers accuse PUD of bias toward Itron


3)    A complaint to the EU Commission is as hard to make as it is in BC and Canada.  The complaint has many links, and is a very interesting (although long) read.  We, too, are being violated according to the Nuremberg Code.

Being Electrosensitive (in a microwaved world)

“I am writing to formally complain that Articles 3, 6, 24, 35, 37 and 38 of the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000), as well as the Nuremberg Code (1947), are being violated by the European Union’s policies to promote wireless technologies within its member states, to the detriment of the environment and the health, well-being and freedom of European Union (EU) citizens…

Under the Nuremberg Code, I have the right to bring this experiment to an end. In this document, I am exercising that right.  I do not feel that it is possible for me to continue because the risk of harm to myself, to those I care about, and to nature is too great.

The European Union has been warned repeatedly about the dangers of radiofrequency radiation, particularly with reference to the telecommunications industry.”



Discussion re power lines that I thought might be of interest – from some US colleagues. 

Technical challenges [edit]

Deployment of BPL has illustrated a number of fundamental challenges, the primary one being that power lines are inherently a very noisy environment. Every time a device turns on or off, it introduces a pop or click into the line. Switching power supplies often introduce noisy harmonics into the line. And unlike coaxial cable or twisted-pair, the wiring has no inherent noise rejection.

The second major issue is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The system was expected to use frequencies of 10 to 30 MHz in the high frequency  (HF) range, used for decades by military, aeronautical, amateur radio, and by shortwave broadcasters. Power lines are unshielded and will act as antennas for the signals they carry, and they will cause interference to high frequency radio communications and broadcasting. In 2007, NATO Research and Technology Organisation released a report which concluded that widespread deployment of BPL may have a “possible detrimental effect upon military HF radio communications.”[5]


Here’s my review of Generation Zapped which I saw the other day:

– https://generationzapped.com/

The documentary was very well done and fast paced such that the viewers attention is kept while a wealth of information is presented.  Unfortunately, two safety recommendations that came at the end are not good advice. Using wired earpieces to keep the phone from being pressed to the head while in use is not the best advice since phone radiation can be conducted to the head via the wires. A better solution is that offered by electrical engineer Jeromy Johnson at his website, www.emfanalysis.com:

1.) Airtube Headset: The vacuum airtube keeps any radiation from coming up to your head that normally happens with a normal wired headset. It also provides excellent quality sound. This headset, along with utilizing speaker phone and “airplane mode are the best ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation. This Airtube Headset is another option.

A particularly bad solution also offered at the end of the documentary was the Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) home internet system used by one of the interviewees who is sick from EMF. I watched the movie with Paul Harding of TotalEMFSolutions.com and we both were astonished this variant of the bio-toxic PLC system was being presented as a healthy wired solution. No wonder the poor guy in the movie is still sick; he has not reduced his exposure to EMF like he thinks he has by using BPL.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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