2018-01-19 Industry finds 5G milliwaves go farther, penetrate better than first thought.

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1)    From IEEE, the telecoms are looking at more ways for people to use 5G, to encourage more usage of wireless devices via the cloud. And tests are showing milliwaves do penetrate buildings better and travel farther than initially thought, which means they will do more harm than initially thought.

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CES 2018: 5G News and Nuggets

“Last year, Verizon tested high-frequency millimeter waves for fixed wireless service, which it is now preparing to roll out commercially in Sacramento. Since millimeter waves show greater signal loss than traditional radio waves over distances and when sent through objects like trees or windows, the company originally had a lot of questions about how well this scheme would work in the real world.

At CES, Vestberg, who switched to Verizon last April after a stint at Ericsson, spoke enthusiastically about the performance of millimeter waves in Verizon’s trials. He says says throughput is “enormous,” citing rates of 1 Gbps at a range of up to 600 meters (2,000 feet). That bodes well for Verizon’s plans to beam Internet service through the air and into people’s homes and offices.

“I think that the millimeter waves in our tests, which started long before I got there, have proven to be surprisingly better than we thought,” he said.

But small cells — another key 5G technology—could face challenges ahead. On a separate panel, Brendan Carr, a commissioner of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, said he feared regulatory issues could be a bottleneck that slows the installation of these miniature base stations.

“Right now, we have relatively few cell sites out there—somewhere around 300,000—and we need to go to over a million in real short order here,” he said, adding that carriers have told him they’re worried that they don’t have the labor force required to install all these new cells.”


2)    We need to speak directly with our elected officials because they are ignoring our well researched, thoughtful letters as well as my Fire Report. It will be harder for them to ignore us face to face. Those in Saanich North area will have chances to discuss the situation with MLA Olsen as well as Health Minister Adrian Dix.  Why are they refusing to address the RF issue that Kendall mocks (Kendall reports to Dix) as well as the ongoing costs of the smeters (which the NDP used to consider important) and the safety issue (which Dix, a few years ago, said he was not concerned about).

Adam Olsen, MLA will be hosting a community dialogue meeting at his constituency office on January 20th (tomorrow), [Saturday] and a Town Hall meeting with Adrian Dix, Minister of Health on January 24th [Wednesday] at St. Paul’s United Church (Sidney). 

https://www.peninsulanewsreview.com/e-editions/?iid=i2018011904092871&&headline=UGVuaW5zdWxhIE5ld3MgUmV2aWV3L0luIE1vdGlvbiwgSmFudWFyeSAxOSwgMjAxOA==&&doc_id=180119120945-81f4f08510dd4797a3ab5c0da4243da3  (pg 9)

3)    Utilities are vulnerable to attacks by hackers and the grid is hard to protect.  Many experts have warned that the smeter is the most vulnerable point in the grid, allowing hackers access to transformers and, ultimately, to the main station.

Hackers are attacking the electric grid

“Last September, news broke that hackers had laid siege to the U.S. power grid, probing deep into dozens of energy firms, looking for weaknesses to exploit. The Department of Homeland Security issued a threat warning about an ongoing stream of malware attacks that could one day lead to a Black Sky event, crippling cellphones, erasing bank accounts, devastating hospitals, and disrupting every sector of the economy. Girding our grid (some of which dates back to 1917) could cost $500 billion—too pricey for the more than 3,200 private companies that own its hardware…

When a Black Sky hits, engineers have three days before food spoils, medicine and water run out, batteries die, and the public loses its collective marbles. Speedy fixes are vital, but that’s difficult when the grid plugs thousands of power plants and even more customers into the same infrastructure.”



4)    Why is the Canadian media so silent on the issue that many experts consider to be one of the most important – microwave radiation emitted by wireless devices like smeters and cell phones?  This excellent article was written by one of our members, Art Joyce, and is the only media coverage of this important story I recall seeing in North America.  Please, share this widely with your local media – people need to know about the cell phones they are holding to their heads and giving to their children.

“Folks: I know this may seem like a diversion with all that’s going on right now, particularly for those of us in the Slocan Valley facing the potential loss of our 24/7 emergency ward. However this too is a major health story, one that the mainstream Canadian media has totally ignored. Yet it has potential health implications for all of us, since cell phones and wireless have become so ingrained in our daily lives.

As it was I felt I had sat on this story long enough in the hopes that my colleagues at the larger media outlets would do the right thing.

Instead I had to take the initiative and contact Dr. Arazi in France to interview him regarding the Phonegate scandal.

Here’s the link to my blog articles:




Please, protect yourselves and your loved ones, especially children, who are so much more vulnerable to this kind of exposure.”


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The truth is inconvertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it. But there it is”
~ Winston Churchill


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