2018-01-18 In Michigan a govt. committee listens to/welcomes complaints re utility forcing smeters on people

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1)    Tributes to Dr. Shiv Chopra, a hero. 

“Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower” (2010) by Dr. Shiv Chopra

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“I think of him often and admire Shiv’s courage, integrity and tenacity in speaking out on matters of great importance to Canadians — food safety, human health, and well-being of farmers and their cows. He expected the federal government to uphold the laws of our country and blew the whistle with his colleagues when the rules were not followed.
– Peter Dowling, dairy farmer and National Farmers Union activist”


2)    There is a new video series called “Broken Brain” that discusses the various neurological problems, eg. autism, alzheimers, even brain fog, and their relationship with the entire body. I watched the first one last night and found it interesting, especially from the 29 minute mark. You can register and watch for free.

“I call myself the “accidental psychiatrist”.  I never set out to be a brain or mood expert.  In fact, my focus was more on how the body works as a whole system.

I was one of the lucky ones, personally.  Learning, thinking, and speaking were always easy for me. But then suddenly (or so it seemed at the time), I woke up one day and my brain broke.

Sitting with patients, I often couldn’t remember what they had just said, or where I was in eliciting their story. 

I tried to take careful notes and keep track, but I couldn’t focus on conversations, I couldn’t remember anyone’s name. I started taking pictures and writing down personal details about my patients to serve as my peripheral memory so I wouldn’t embarrass myself the next time I spoke to them.

Episode One of Broken Brain is all about my story: What happened, what came next, and the 58 worldwide leading experts I have gathered to talk about the epidemic that is Broken Brain – and what to do about it.

The next few hours are your LAST chance to get this episode as my gift.



Episode Two: Gut Brain Connection: Getting to The Root of a Broken Brain.

This episode is your key to your 2nd Brain (The Gut), and to understanding: infections, food allergies, gluten, bacterial overgrowth, yeast, SIBO, heavy metals and toxic chemicals … and so much more.”


3)    In Michigan, there were so many problems with the smeter program, the installation process, harassment by the utility that there has been a special hearing to hear complaints. The second person speaking to the Board is a State Senator who is arguing on behalf of those who want to keep analogs.

“There was an Energy Committee hearing in Mi. on 1/16/18, taking testimony about utility companies cutting electricity to customers refusing smart meters.  It was a full house and many residents gave testimony.  There were so many people registered to testify, the Chairman had to schedule another continued hearing on 1/30/18.  I seriously believe that with the actions of the groups and individuals around the state, we have a great chance to get analog meter choice in Mi. passed.

Here is a link to the story and another link to the one hour and a half hearing.”

News story link.

Michigan House Energy Policy Committee Hearing 1-16-18 (Full hearing Link)
(I listened only to the first 3 speakers, around first 30 minutes)
(1:26:20) Michigan House Energy Policy Committee Hearing 1/16/2018 DTE Shut-offs Smart Meters:



From: Marcus Schluschen   (name given with permission)
To: david.eby.mla@leg.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; Michelle.Mungall.MLA@leg.bc.caclaire.trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
Sent: January 17, 2018

Subject: Re: What happened to our human rights?

British Columbia – A Lesser Democracy
Public deception by BC Hydro, unanswered questions

Attorney General, Eby
Premier Horgan
Minister Mungall
Minister Trevena
Minister Dix

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The NDP, who used to uphold decency and democratic principals, seems to have compromised its own values since forming government by allowing British Columbia’s Crown Corporation, BC Hydro, to run roughshod over the citizens of British Columbia with their biologically untested “smart” meter program and willful public deception.

I was surprised that none of you have seen fit to reply to my questions of my previous email regarding the dubious business practices of BC Hydro, even though I personally witnessed and experienced BC Hydro’s outrageously treacherous methods of dealing with the public, which includes coercion, lies and deliberate public deception.

Why is this Machiavellian behaviour by this Crown Corporation, tolerated by your Government?

After waiting several weeks, I did receive a meaningless form letter from Minister Mungall’s office which, once again, did NOT answer any of my questions regarding BC Hydro’s revolting, deceptive behavior towards British Columbians.

I have spent over 8 years researching this subject, read countless medical science documents from all corners of the world, viewed many medical video lectures, and met people from all walks of life who, like my wife, suffer severely from today‘s environmental degradation through unnatural electrosmog radiation pollution.
Your office received countless emails from myself, and many others, regarding the biological consequences of this ubiquitous electrosmog pollution, emitted 24/7, by “smart” meters, cell towers and recently, 5G microcells.  It is bewildering to learn that not even your government sees fit to exercise even the most basic level of due diligence by demanding much overdue, independent, long-term biological testing of smart meters, as well as 5G microcells, which immerses every community in British Columbia in a toxic cloud of e-smog pollution, 24/7, without any informed public consent!

The paralyzing lack of knowledge among politicians, regarding the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation pollution, has led to the wireless industries’ takeover in Public Health and Environmental Policy decision making, which perversely favours technical advancements over Public Health.  Powerful and sophisticated lobbying efforts by the telecom and wireless industry of federal and provincial regulatory agencies led to politicians and consumers to remain uninformed of the health risks associated with unnatural, pulsed, electromagnetic radiation pollution as outlined in The International Scientists Appeal, 2017, signed by 236 EMF scientists from 41 nations.

The previous BC Government allowed themselves to be gravely misled by industry into believing that “smart” meters were safe and “green”, by companies whose profits are in the billions, at the expense of the environment and Public Health.
The appalling track record of Health Canada remains steadfastly ignored by politicians even though DDT, Asbestos, Formaldehyde, Tobacco, Lead, PCB’s etc. caused immense environmental degradation, premature death and suffering of man and wildlife! When will politicians realize that government research is notoriously lagging behind industrial developments?

When a growing number of international, medical and EMF scientists repeatedly point to the unbridled explosion of wireless technology as: “The Public Health Threat of The 21st Century”, we are living on borrowed time!

Physicians for Safe Technology – Health Effects Reported with Smart Meters:
Once these Smart Meters began to be installed in different states, reports of adverse health effects similar to electrosensitivity surfaced. These symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration and heart palpitations. When the Smart Meters were removed many people reported their symptoms resolved.  Because of the widespread health effects that were observed, in addition to reports of inaccurate inflated billing, at least 24 states have a Smart Meter Opt Out Law of one degree or another.  Massachusetts is one of the most recent states to consider a similar Bill – S1684 Smart Meter Opt Out Massachusetts. https://mdsafetech.org/smart-meters/
Why is this New Democratic Government allowing that British Columbia remains a lesser democratic society than the 24 states, of our American neighbours?

International EMR/RFR Research:

  • Bioeffects are clearly established by international science, as they occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency radiation (RFR).  Bioeffects can occur from just minutes of exposure to This classification applies to ALL radiation sources, including cell and cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI, wireless laptops, electronic baby monitors and smart meters, cell towers and WiFi due to whole-body exposure.
  • The levels of biological responses to RFR is extraordinarily low, down to the nanowatt and picowatt power density level.
  • EMF/RFR interferes with normal body processes (disrupt homeostasis), preventing the body from healing damaged DNA, produce immune system imbalances, metabolic disruption and lower resistance to disease across multiple pathways.
  • New studies show fertility, reproduction, neonatal effects, cognitive, neurological damage and behavioral problems in children.
  • Existing ICNIRP and Canada’s outdated public safety guideline, based soley on thermal effects, do NOT protect public health.
  • In 2011, IARC/WHO re-classified radiofrequency radiation as a Group 2B, Possible Human Carcinogen (Baan et al, 2011).

This classification applies to ALL radiation sources, including cell and cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI, wireless laptops, electronic baby monitors and ‘smart’ meters.

Today, the same scientists and advisors of IARC, who were responsible for the ‘Possible Carcinogen’ classification in 2011, lobbied the WHO and the UN repeatedly to urgently upgrade the classification to a Group 1 Known Carcinogen!
It cannot get any worse!!!

American Academy of Environmental Medicine Statement: . . . the evidence (of harm) is irrefutable!

This current Cancer Classification, as well as the latest warnings of medical science, should be a strong warning to your government to reconsider the ill conceived “smart” meter program of your predecessors, as millions of people face considerable health risks from biologically untested smart meter technology, while the environment sustains irreparable damage.

To blindly follow your predecessors makes a mockery of the 1990 Bergen, Precautionary Principle Declaration, which states:

In order to sustain sustainable development, policies must be based on the ‘Precautionary Principle’. Environmental measures must anticipate, prevent and attack the causes of environmental degradation.  Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific knowledge certainty should NOT be used as reason for postponing measures to prevent environmental degradation.

A damaged environment will not sustain life!
“We are changing this ‘commons of the air’ in major ways. Wireless signals from broadcast and communications technologies are crowding out and overpowering the natural background. The ‘commons of the air’ is being altered in unprecedented ways that have enormous consequences for life on earth.” (Sage, 2010).

Today‘s irradiated air carries such outlandish levels of unnatural electrical energy that it is able to charge some of the latest wireless devices!  Our planet did not evolve in this electro-laden soup, which easily overpowers our own bodily electrical system such as the thousands of electrical receptors of the brain and the heart’s natural pacemaker center (the sinoatrial node), a cluster of about 10,000 cells that govern the electrical rhythms of the heart.

As outlined in my previous letter below, I would be willing to testify under oath that I, as well as thousands of British Columbians, were victimized by BC Hydro’s deliberate, orchestrated public deception.
If you like, I can organize a meeting between informed citizens and the NDP Government who, like me, were unscrupulously deceived by BC Hydro’s so called “smart” meter experts.

As my previous questions remain unanswered, I ask you, the ministers, to be so kind and respond to the following questions:
In order not to waste taxpayers’ money, please do not delegate your responses to a legislative aid.

1. Will this NDP Government, against all democratic principals, continue to authorize and condone forced smart meter installations by BC Hydro and FortisBC, against homeowners’ will, of biologically untested smart meters which emit unnatural, pulsed microwave radiation?
2. Will this NDP Government continue to ignore that, in 2011, the World Health Organization/IARC re-classified ALL microwave radiation-emitting devices as a 2B Carcinogen, no matter the source (Baan et al 2011)?
3. Will this NDP Government ignore that no long-term biological testing of smart meters was conducted prior to BC Hydro’s smart meter installations on private residences, which took place without the informed consent of home owners, constituting a non-consensual, uncontrolled, biological human experiment, on a massive scale?
4. Is this NDP Government willing to ignore the ‘Nuremberg Code of Ethics, to which Canada is a signee, which clearly states:

that voluntary informed consent of the human subject in a biological experiment is absolutely essential?

5. Will this NDP Government continue to allow BC Hydro’s employees and contractors to harass, coerce and deceive British Columbians who do not wish a pulsed radiation-emitting smart meter on or inside their home because of health, security and privacy concerns?
6. Will this NDP Government continue to authorize BC Hydro’s deliberate misrepresentations and omissions of facts regarding health concerns and the WHO (IARC) 2B Cancer Classification?
7. Will this NDP Government continue to authorize BC Hydro’s reprehensible extortion tactics by imposing the highest opt out fees in North America?

8. Will this New Democratic Government return democracy to British Columbia by allowing BC Hydro and FortisBC customers the democratic right, as illustrated by 24 states of the U.S., to opt out of the “smart” meter program, and to return or retain an analog utility meter on their home?
In case your government feels that not sufficient research is available, I’d like to ask you: How much scientific evidence of harm is required before preventive actions are taken by your government to reduce harm?
Are over 23,000 peer-reviewed studies, which includes the US Navy and US Airforce as well as the recent 25 million dollar US Government NTP study, enough to raise concerns with your administration?

This website provides excellent information and more science than you will be able to read in a lifetime:

Medical Education – Electromagnetic Radiation

If you go to: ‘Scientific Literature’ on the highly informative website of ‘Physicians For Safe Technology’, you can learn about the stunning industry influence on science, and of adverse health effects from cell towers, 5G microcells, smart meters, WiFi, etc.
The knowledge you will gain from this medical website will not only benefit this government in Public Health and Environmental decision making but also for the long-term health of your own families.

I, as well as thousands of British Columbians, hope that this government, who used to pride itself on upholding democratic principles, will return our democratic rights and independent, science-based decision making back to this province.

As I spent a considerable amount of time writing this letter, please be so courteous and answer this letter in person and spare me the agony of another, meaningless form letter.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“I was speaking out, but it was my duty to speak out.”
~ Dr Shiv Chopra, Sept 2017


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation