2018-01-17 Who owns the data gathered by smeters and other “smart” devices?

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1)    A terrific YouTube (audio) interview with Dr. William Rea by Rafe Mair in 2001 in which they discussed EHS and the effects of EMR on the human body.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZoWaKx54FI   (20 minutes)

2)    Data that is gathered about us is of great value to the various companies gathering it. Some industry documents have stated that the data from smeters is more valuable than the electricity being sold.  I wonder if the smeter isn’t the first breach in our wall of privacy, using the term “smart” to make us think it is better, getting us to accept the idea that what we do in our homes with our families can be made available to others – “we’re not doing anything wrong so I’m not worried”.  This is what I’ve been told by many.  That’s not the point. Privacy is valuable and we have a right to it.  It’s our data!


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Welcome to the neighbourhood. Have you read the terms of service?

“How we think about privacy today might not be the best way to deal with data collection in a smart city”

“Given the value of that data, experts have argued that privacy is only part of a larger discussion. Open government advocates like Bianca Wylie think we need to start with conversations about who owns the data in the first place. Is it the private companies and equipment operators who run the smart cities, or the cities themselves?

“If we don’t collect it and own it, then I don’t think we can define the privacy stuff,” says Wylie, a columnist who writes about civic tech initiatives and an associate at the consulting firm Open North.

Others have argued that even if the information collected isn’t personal, there are broader implications that privacy law, or even privacy by design, can’t account for — for example, the potential for tech-centric cities to widen the divide between rich and poor.

“I think maybe we’re putting too much emphasis on privacy as a defence against this kind of surveillance capitalism,” Murakami Wood says. “And I think we’re going to find out the limitations of that approach pretty soon, because it doesn’t deal with a lot of other issues around human rights and forms of inequality that are generated through these systems.””




Dear Premier Horgan,

The US Centre for Disease Control just released their 2016 figures which show that 1 in 36 children today is autistic, including 1 in 28 boys!


When will your government act to protect British Columbians?

Equally frightening are the latest figures on the incidence of cancers in children (see my letter below). Doesn’t this concern you? If not now, when will your government do something about it?

Jerry Flynn

= = =

From: Jerry Flynn   (name given with permission)
Sent: January-16-18
To: ralph.goodale@parl.gc.ca
Cc: andrew.scheer@parl.gc.ca; Pierre.Paul-Hus@parl.gc.ca; Matthew.Dube@parl.gc.ca; Michel.Boudrias@parl.gc.ca; ed.fast.c1a@parl.gc.ca; rob.nicholson@parl.gc.ca; Marilyn.Gladu@parl.gc.ca

Subject: Man-made technologies – Macabre Crime Against Humanity!

January 16, 2018

The Honourable Ralph Goodale, PC, MP
Minister of Public Safety
310 University Park Drive (Main Office)
Regina, SaskatchewanS4V 0Y8

Dear Mr. Goodale,

Man-made Technologies – Macabre Crime Against Humanity!
Yet the Government of Canada Continues to See and Do Nothing!

As my BIO shows (see below), at the height of my military career, I worked closely with Canada’s then CBNRC (now CSE). Later still, I spent two years in NDHQ, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare or ‘DEW.’ Between them these agencies should be able to lend credence to much of what is said here.

Your government is allowing to happen what constitutes both a ‘crime against humanity’ and a ‘violation of the Nuremberg Code’! No person – including the Minister of Public Safety, himself – can escape the hazardous and now ubiquitous, non-thermal ‘radiation’ being generated by man-made technologies (see below)! Not only is this ‘radiation’ invisible, it is also silent, tasteless and odorless, and, depending on its frequency, it can penetrate walls and even buildings with impunity, even concrete! Militaries have known that radio frequencies 1 GHz to 5 GHz penetrate every organ of the body, which puts all organ systems at risk! Yet today‘s ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ appliances and all consumer wireless products / devices emit their pulsed non-thermal microwave radiation on these very same frequencies! Also, non-industry scientists have known for decades that radio / microwave frequency (RF) radiation CAUSES cancer and a host of other diseases! [1] It is an absolute tragedy that mainstream news media have elected to remain largely silent on this whole despicable topic, which they have done for the past 60 years! [2]

Man-Made Technologies

a) Non-thermal Extremely Low Frequency or ELF electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) are present in anything in which electricity flows (e.g., overhead power transmission and distribution lines, substations, power transformers, ‘smart’ meters, household electricity, household appliances, tools, machinery, electric vehicles, etc.). ELF EMFs are known to cause leukemia in children, suicides in adults and other diseases in humans generally! [3]

b) Pulsed, Non-thermal Radio Frequency or RF EMFs (which includes microwave frequencies) are present in functioning ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ appliances and all consumer wireless products / devices (e.g., baby monitors, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, GPS, tablet and laptop computers, TV games, etc.). Scientists and militaries know that pulsed, non-thermal RF EMF radiation is more harmful to people than are other forms of modulation. RF EMF radiation is known to cause cancers, neurologic, cardiac and other chronic diseases! [also 3]

Electro-Smog. The accumulated invisible mass of a) and b) above is called ‘Electro-Smog’ which, scientists know, is responsible for many of today‘s chronic illnesses, including cancers! [4] [5] Today, this invisible cloud, which now blankets the earth, is so dense that Olle Johansson, PhD., former professor in neuroscience at the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Sweden, estimates that humans are now subjected to one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times more EMF radiation compared to just a decade ago!

Cancers and other Disease Epidemics

Today, cancer is the No. 1 cause of deaths by disease in children! [6] And brain cancers are the number one cancer killer in children! [7] Two in five people will develop cancer in their lifetime; In 2012, cancer was the leading cause of deaths in the USA – 30% of all deaths! (Yet no cancer agency, either national or provincial, has seen fit to even mention ‘EMFs’ as a being a ‘possible’ cause of cancer!) Another equally frightening statistic is Canada’s incidence of Autism, which typically trails close behind that of the USA – an absolutely terrifying 1 in 36 children (1 in 28 boys)! [8] And, like other Western countries, Canada continues to experience a growing list of disease epidemics, such as Leukemia, brain tumors and many other forms of cancer, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), suicides, depression, miscarriages, deformed children, heart problems, etc.!  The same applies to ‘Special Needs Teachers’ who, today, have become commonplace in our schools. Before wireless technology exploded in all Western countries, few people had heard of such things!

Salient Historical Facts

*        Health Canada and Safety Code 6 are both excoriated around the world because, on frequencies 100 kHz to 300 GHz (which includes the very frequencies on which ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ appliances and all consumer wireless products – even baby monitors – operate and emit their toxic pulsed non-thermal RF EMF radiation), Safety Code 6 protects only against the THERMAL effects! [9] [10]

*        Safety Code 6 provides no protection against non-thermal effects of ELF EMF radiation!

*        Neither Health Canada nor Safety Code 6 admit that there is a disabling condition known world-wide as ‘electro-hypersensitivity’ or EHS, which is now estimated to affect between 3-10% of the world’s entire population! [11] [12]

*        Effective Sept. 2018, France will ban cell phones from all schools! [13]

*        In 2017, Lennart Hardell, PhD, the world’s foremost expert on cell phone radiation and brain tumors, wrote a scathing letter to the WHO describing the incestuous relationship the WHO has with ICNIRP and the infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi. [14]

*        In 2017, the US federal appeals court upheld the City of Berkeley’s ordinance requiring sellers of mobile phones to provide purchasers with literature warning of cell phone radiation and advice on how phones should NOT be carried in pockets and bras! [15]

*        In 2016, ‘Physicians for Safe Technology’ created their own website in order to help educate other physicians and the public about the hazards of EMF radiation! [16]

*        In 2015, 190 scientists from 39 countries (since increased to more than 230 scientists from 41 countries!) signed the “International EMF Scientists Appeal.’ Addressed to the Secretary General of the U.N., to all U.N.-member nations, and to the Director General of the WHO, it appealed to all world leaders to urgently protect mankind and wildlife from EMFs and wireless technology! [17]

*        In 2015, France broke from the WHO and ICNIRP to create its own Radiation Regulatory Agency, and immediately banned Wi-Fi from all kindergarten schools!

*        In 2015, the powerful US cell phone industry sued (unsuccessfully) the City of Berkeley, CA to prevent them from warning consumers of the possible exposure to cell phone radiation!

*        In 2014, European cancer research centres turned their backs on WHO and ICNIRP to form their own “Cancer Core Europe” led by the Cambridge Cancer Centre! (Remember Health Canada’s former, now infamous, scientist, Dr. Michael Repacholi, who was instrumental in setting the same extremely high ‘safe’ RF EMF exposure limits for Health Canada, ICNIRP and the WHO?) [18]

*        In 2011, the powerful US cell phone industry successfully sued the City of San Francisco to prevent the City from informing citizens of possible health risks from cell phones. The Industry said such action by the City violates manufacturers’ 1st Amendment Constitutional rights! [19]


Health Canada, the WHO, ICNIRP and U.S. agencies claim that there is no ‘conclusive’ proof that non-thermal EMF radiation harms humans, but the majority of non-industry scientists around the world have long known otherwise: EMFs do cause cancer and most of today‘s other disease epidemics! Indeed, what is happening today (which started back in the 1960s) amounts to the most macabre, depraved and callous crime in Canada’s (if not the world’s) history! This crime affects the health and safety of every person and living thing on Earth! It even threatens the planet’s very environment! For these reasons, it behooves Canada’s Minister of Public Safety to direct the RCMP to immediately begin an exhaustive national (if not international) criminal search to root out, identify and prosecute those found to be responsible for this ‘mother of all crimes’ – which continues to cause literally millions of people serious life-altering illnesses and/or premature deaths! Cancer agencies too should be put on notice!

One last comment: until Canada has a totally independent radio, TV and possibly Internet news organization, whose sole mandate is to ensure that the people of Canada are kept current on: 1)  major issues having the potential to impact on their health, safety and well-being; and, 2) what and how other countries are dealing with these same issues, or on other emerging issues not yet  apparent in Canada/North America, Industry’s greed inevitably will once again cause harm to Canada’s population, as happened previously with tobacco, Thalidomide, asbestos, lead, etc.

Yours sincerely,
J.G. “Jerry” Flynn, Captain (Retired)


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Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”
~ Edmund Burke


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