2018-01-13 FCC’s guideline (like SC 6) is putting health and lives in jeopardy

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1) )  An amazing article by Patricia Burke and the FCC’s / telecoms’ threat to our safety and the safety of life as we know it.

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FCC’s Ajit Pai: The Sacredness of Safety?

“The irony of the Pai family’s circumstances regarding lack of recognition of the “sacred” is that families, wives, and children have not been protected by the FCC in their own neighborhoods and homes since passage of the Telecom Act of 1996.

Men and boys, the elderly, the medically vulnerable, honeybee pollinators, or any other aspect of human health and the environment has not been protected either…

The FCC’s “guidelines” are the moral and ethical equivalent of going to the medicine cabinet and taking out every single medication, all at the same time, and giving an adult dose that has been tested on a military male only for short-term effects to every pregnant woman, infant, and child.”


[What happens when you have a disease doctors can’t diagnose | Jennifer Brea – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb3yp4uJhq0
Beings of Frequency by James Russell – http://vimeo.com/groups/document/videos/54189727]

2)  From a colleague in Ontario. I hope everyone will consider writing CBC asking for more programs and providing more scientific info about RF and EHS.

Canadians claiming to have ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ feel forced to escape modern life

“You can listen to the interview at the link below or on tomorrow‘s CBC radio show, “Out in the Open” with Piya Chattopadhyay.

Please consider writing in to the show to express your opinions, share your own story, etc.  I think it is essential that CBC hears from all of us so they want to do more shows.  It could help us immensely.

I will be letting them know myself that they should have included a paragraph and link to the HESA review resolutions on the website and that an EHS medical expert should have been interviewed if they were going to be so biased towards Health Canada’s statements.  I will also be thanking them for doing the interview at all.”

Canadians claiming to have ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ feel forced to escape modern life


Letter re. costs for electricity in Penticton


Letter: Fair electric pricing needed – We will continue to work for fair electric pricing in B.C. by James & Nanene McGinnigle – Penticton Western News – January 03, 2018:  https://www.pentictonwesternnews.com/opinion/letter-fair-electric-pricing-needed/


From: Christel Martin (Name given with permission)
Sent: January 11, 2018 10:09 AM
To: Patient Voices Network
Cc: Katharina Gustavs
Subject: Karen Estrin, re wifi in hospitals

Dear Ms. Estrin,

Please do NOT install wifi in your hospitals.

Radio-frequency microwave electromagnetic radiation (RF MW EMR) from wireless devices is a Class 2B carcinogen according to WHO IARC in 2011; actually a known carcinogen since WWII when the Russians microwaved the US Embassy in Moscow and caused numerous cancers.  The US paid danger pay to their staff, but did not tell them why so many were becoming ill until they figured out how to do it better.

It’s a WorkSafeBC violation to expose employees to Class 2B carcinogens when safer options are available (reg. 5.58) and there is a long-standing WCB claim being fought in Victoria, where a teacher became EHS after the school installed wifi and he’s actually been on a hunger strike in front of the BC Legislature.  Other jurisdictions (Sweden, Italy, France, Alaska, Australia, Maritimes) have already paid compensation for EHS.

RF MW EMR interferes with normal heart rhythm; I know personally four men who died of cardiac arrhythmia in high-wifi locations, ages 21 – 71.  None had previous heart conditions although all had some kind of chronic problem.

RF MW EMR also interferes with eg. insulin pumps, cardiac monitors, and other such devices supposedly designed to help patients, not kill them.

I myself am electrohypersensitive (EHS) as a result of mercury poisoning from dental amalgams, vaccines, and working in a toxic hospital lab environment for 29 years where open vials of mercury from broken instruments decorated work benches, topped off by an exterminator who used a banned commercial fungicide, CaloClor aka mercuric chloride, to kill carpenter ants in my house in March 1997.  I had chelation therapy (private pay) to remove mercury and other heavy metals; nonetheless, I am still EHS.  Symptoms include:  dizziness, vertigo, blurry vision, tinnitus aka Frey effect aka microwave hearing, itchy skin, dry eyes, extreme thirst, bladder irritation, short term memory loss/lapse.  In diabetics, it causes neuropathy, aggravates restless legs, and makes blood sugar difficult to regulate.

I was the first person (to my knowledge) in Canada to be accepted and paid CPP Disability for mercury poisoning and EHS.

So far, I’ve been lucky and have not had arrhythmia related to EMR exposure that I know of, however, with the increasing use of smart meters and neighbourhood wifi, etc., I have been unable to sleep properly for three years, awake from 0200 – 0600, then dozing until 0900 hrs. (awake during the hours Big Telecom transmits most of its data).  In consultation with a Building Biologist, Katharina Gustavs, I recently purchased an RF shield for my bed, approx. $2,000 for a queen-sized bed, with cotton, silver and copper mesh fabric forming a Faraday cage over, under, and around the bed.  I slept a full night for the first time in three years in December and my mood, energy level, etc. has improved dramatically in the last month.

The brain cancer rate (not tracked by Health Canada) has risen so sharply with the increasing use of cell phones that the University of Calgary started its own brain cancer registry a couple of years ago.  I know three women, highly-educated, intelligent women, a close friend, my lover’s wife, and another friend’s wife, who died of metastatic bowel and pancreatic cancer after years of heavy laptop use, literally using laptops until the day they could no longer hold the computer on their laps and died horrible painful deaths in palliative care.

According to a Stats-Can representative, Lake Cowichan area has the highest rate of self-medicating undiagnosed illness in the province:  Teleglobe Canada’s Earth Station (satellite tracking antennas) is located at Youbou and sends EMR across the lake, literally microwaving the entire area.  You cannot get a clear AM radio signal in your car with an old analogue radio due to MW interference.  Ironically, my father helped design, build and install the first such antenna in the 1970’s under contract to NASA.

If you install wifi in your hospital, a publicly-funded institution, where will people such as myself go when we need emergency medical care?  I avoid all public buildings as it is, because I know how much EMR my body can tolerate, but if you also take away my right to medical care–where does that leave me and the other 50% of the population that is affected but doesn’t know what’s wrong?

Please rethink this decision.

We humans are endangering the entire planet, from infrastructure to life itself, in the name of convenience.  I would be pleased to give a presentation for anyone who is interested in learning more.

Christel Martin

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From: Irina Apostu <iapostu@bcpsqc.ca>
Date: January 11, 2018 12:58:32 PM PST
To: Christel Martin
Subject: RE: Karen Estrin, re wifi in hospitals

Good afternoon Christel,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about this issue. I have also forwarded your email to my colleague, Karen Estrin.

Our role is to support our health care partners in engaging patients on their initiatives. While PVN connects the parties, the initiatives are led by the organization listed in the invite. We would be happy to pass along your thoughts to the Providence staff leading this initiative.

Thanks again for your feedback and we welcome you to continue to reach out with questions and suggestions.

Have a great day!

Warm regards,
Irina Apostu
Program Assistant
BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

604.668.8240 | iapostu@bcpsqc.ca <mailto:iapostu@bcpsqc.ca>


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~ Ben Franklin

Sent from my safe, secure wired laptop with no Wi-Fi enabled.

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