2017-11-30 Devra Davis — is 5G the next asbestos??

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1)    Here is a YouTube of the 2 residents of Summerland asking Council to allow an opt out without punitive extortive fees. It starts at the 27 minute point.

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2)    This article from the UK is a couple of years old but it is relevant because we need to be prepared for the time when BC Hydro applies to implement TOU time-of-use billing – and it will. The intent of using this method of “controlling use” was a major item BC Hydro presented to ITRON when the system was developed. The infrastructure was in place early on and has been held in abeyance, waiting for the right time. When BC Hydro needs more money, it could be the right time.

The great smart meter rip-off: Energy giants will use devices to DOUBLE the cost of power when you need it most

“Energy giants are set to use digital smart meters as a way to double the cost of power when families need it most — adding nearly £60 a year to the average bill.

A Money Mail investigation has discovered Britain’s leading power firms are expected to introduce tariffs that charge more at peak times when they roll out new electronic meters which monitor how much energy you use by the second.

It means electricity and gas used in the evenings could cost 99 per cent more than at other times — penalising everyone cooking family meals, watching popular TV shows and heating their homes on chilly winter evenings.”


3)    Verizon is set to roll out its first residential 5G system late 2018 in California. We need to ramp up our pressure on this government and the education of our friends and neighbours about this. It will be in BC sooner than we think.

Verizon to launch 5G first in Sacramento in late 2018

“Verizon today announced plans for its first 5G residential broadband service launch, beginning in Sacramento, California, in the second half of 2018.

The carrier plans to launch wireless 5G residential broadband services in three to five U.S. markets in 2018. Verizon has trialed 5G residential applications in 11 markets in 2017.

Verizon said its initial 5G residential broadband services could reach approximately 30 million households nationwide.”



4)    A must read by Devra Davis re 5G. Industry Canada has long supported policies that limit or eliminate local say over siting of cell towers and other telecom devices. There is a major loophole that says that there can be no restrictions if the transmitter/antenna is put on an existing structure. That is how so many cell towers got on hospitals, apartment buildings, etc. If the owner of the property needed the money and agreed to a contract, it could not be stopped except through peer pressure. The telecoms have targeted institutions that need money – schools, hospitals, churches, senior citizens’ homes. It is hard for these places to turn down money even if they know there is a risk of harm.

The loophole is being used to allow microcells to be put on poles outside our homes. This must be stopped and it can only be stopped if we all participate by complaining to our elected officials at all levels. The cities must do their jobs and protect our right of ways – which are owned by us. We must say no and mean it.

Public health is littered with examples where economic interests trumped scientific advice

“Usurping local control over tower installation has been a cardinal principle of the telecom industry for over 20 years. Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act preempts state and local government regulation for the placement of wireless antennas on the basis of environmental and health effects. 5G standards are still in development by industry. Nobody knows exactly what frequencies will be used, or what powers will be required to make 5G’s Internet of Everything vision a reality.

The history of public health is littered with examples where economic interests trumped scientific advice. Warnings about the potential dangers of lead in gasoline, X-rays in pregnancy, and the dangers of tobacco were all swept aside by industry interests who gained millions from these unwise products and unhealthy practices. It was only after we had irrefutable evidence of sickness and death tolls that we got rid of these hazards. Could 5G be the next asbestos?

The 5G network intends to use millimeter length radiation never tested for long-term safety. Under the wild west system created by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the agency is poised to accept any and all applications to expand 5G today

These millimeter frequencies are used by the U.S. Department of Defense as a crowd control weapon, known as Active Denial Systems.   5G frequencies have the capacity to make skin feel that it is burning. Beam this frequency at a crowd, and people flee. Is this something you want on your lamppost?”




From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca; bonnie.henry@gov.bc.ca
Sent: November 29, 2017

Subject: University of Mainz, Germany – EMF’s

Hello Dr. Kendall,

Dr. Diana Heinz, Dr. Andreas Scheler and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schoellhorn, from the Johannes Gutenberg University – Mainz, Germany, are demonstrating undeniable biological effects on the brain, from electronics and wireless technology such as cell phones and WiFi inside a car.  This short video has English subtitles.

The test subject in this video is Dr. Scheler.  Throughout the video, the brain image shows disturbing rapid changes.

As the video informs, they will contact the WHO regarding this research.

In case you wish to contact the scientist for more detailed information, most German academics speak English quite well.

Headache in the Car


Many people react very poorly to this kind of constant electrosmog radiation.  How long will industry deny that negative biological changes do occur, induced by unnatural electronic pollution?  Once all vehicles are equipped with radar, this situation will even get much worse, especially for the electronically sensitive population, like my wife.

These images should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is not a healthy situation!

Since this test clearly shows negative biological effects, it should come as no surprise that the opioid crisis is linked to a decline in health of the general population with the rapid rise of e-smog pollution in our environment.

Your comment would be very much appreciated,

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”
~ Ben Franklin


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