2017-11-29 Fiber optic cable is the technology for the future.

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1)    From a member:

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“I found this through a link in the update article about scientists promoting fiber optics over wired technology. (A good site!) It seems city governments all over North America have done what BC is doing – laying fiber optic cable for their own use and use by other government-linked entities for fast and secure Internet access –  but in the US, at least, they’re actually forbidden to extend this service to homes through signing non-compete agreements with one of the giant telecoms. Here’s the link –


I wonder what sort of “deal” the BC Liberals made with Telus – and whether that has anything to do with (for example) schools having fiber optics to the front door but still being forced to use Wi-Fi inside? The way I understand it (probably not too exact), governments are forbidden to supply the “last mile” of fiber optics – the actual connections to computers (not to mention electricity meters) inside the school or home. Instead, they’re offered low-cost or free Wi-Fi access from the telecoms – and that’s why they “need” 5G technology and equipment. 

All this information is about what’s happening in the US, and is strictly about providing Internet access, but I’m afraid the same sort of government/business collusion applies here as well. Especially considering it was the Liberal government that made the agreement. 

It’s clear as day that fast, reliable Internet access via fiber optic cable is as important everywhere as supplying electricity was 100 years ago. Then, the same war over whether governments or private companies should supply this necessity was hotly debated, but at least public utilities ended up more or less the winner of that argument. (Remember the value of owning a private utility in Monopoly?)” 

Why can’t smeters and the microcells be replaced with fiber optic cable?  The cable could go underground, making it impervious to weather. In the long run, fiber optic cable would be far cheaper than wireless because of the need to expand with demand — the cable can handle the demand and more. It’s so much faster and more efficient. Question we deserve answered? Why is the fiber optic cable in schools being dismantled and replaced with dangerous Wi-Fi?  Someone needs to follow the money.

2)    For those of you who have not read my fire report, here is an interview I did with Walt McGinnis for Shaw TV’s Citizen’s Forum not long ago.  It doesn’t have all the details but you can get the basics.


3)    Yesterday, Dr. Lisa Nagy, AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) testifying in favor of insurance coverage for EHS in Massachusetts.  You’ll have to “listen hard” because she speaks very quickly about EHS, how she became sensitive and how she treats her patients.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VME3sAS8vcAutMaBGk6kB_H0tfIGZ4VR/view    (~14 minutes)

4)    A member figured out what “SMART” really stands for:

‘Surveillance Marketed As Revolutionary Technology’

5)    Some residents in Summerland have expressed concern about the radiation emitted by their smeters and asked their City Council to have them removed and replaced with manually read ones (analog???).  I don’t know who provides electricity but the Council is looking into how this would be done.

If anyone can give me some more info about this, please email me at:  dsnoble@shaw.ca

I hope more come out in support of this request.

A pair of Summerland residents were in front of council Monday to express concerns about their AMR electric meter.

The two residents had similar feelings towards the smart meters “emitting radiation,” with both looking to get rid of their current smart meters for a manual version.

All council members agreed they need more information on everything associated with switching from a smart to manual meter.”


[http://www.summerland.ca/city-services/works-and-utilities-department  &  http://callmepower.ca/en/bc/summerland  &  https://www.fortisbc.com/Electricity/CustomerService/ElectricityMeters/Pages/Frequently-asked-questions.aspx]


From: John Rosser (name given with permission)
Date: 27 Nov 2017
To: AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Cc: SSMBC <stopsmartmeters@sios.ca>

Subject: BC hydro discrimination

Mr. Eby;

I was a faithful paying customer of BC Hydro for over 40 years until the out of control smart meter fiasco was forced on the BC rate payers with the vengeance of a police state. All of the perfectly functional non combustible analog meters with a 30 plus year lifespan were not even considered. Instead they were all deemed redundant and a plastic fire hazard that has a much shorter lifespan, needs a battery and constantly pulses microwave radiation was arbitrarily forced on us without even the courtesy of BCUC oversight. The Liberal Govt knew they had to bypass a real analysis of this dangerous device called a smart meter so they made a law to do so. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this billion dollar plastic meter rollout was done to profit large corporations and has never been in the best interest of the rate paying public.

Thousands of people who objected were told to accept a smart meter or have our power disconnected. When Hydro realized how many people were refusing the new plastic meter they thought up a new coercion tactic. Allow people to opt out and charge such a high opt out fee they would have to give in. Many who originally refused were forced take a new meter because they could not afford $68.04 every 2 month billing cycle. This extortion fee is the highest in the world and our crown corporation was again allowed to get away with this robbery. I have with great objection paid this punitive fee since 2013 and have given Hydro over $3,000 over and above the usage rate. Many smart meters that can’t communicate are manually read for no charge so I am unfairly subsidizing those readings.

I am thoroughly disgusted that BC Hydro is allowed to treat its customers with such blatant disrespect. What they have done to me and thousands more like me is just plain wrong.

Mr. Eby, I am asking you to help repair this disgraceful situation in any way you can.

Thank You for listening.

John Rosser


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”
~ Voltaire


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