2017-11-25 The dark side of blue light from your computer, etc.

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1)    A better email address for the Attorney General than the one I had in last night’s update. It is:

David Eby <AG.Minister@gov.bc.ca>

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Many of you have written (thank you!!) and used this address. It might be a good idea to send it again using this address for AG Eby.  I will share some of the letters that have been written in tomorrow’s update.

Please, if you have some personal experience re. Direction No. 4 and Meter Choices, consider writing to the Attorney General. We need to let him know what has been happening thanks to this discriminatory law.

2)    Advice about evening blue light from various sources and how it interferes with sleep.  I’ve mentioned the free program, f.lux [& Night Shift for Mac], which adds red to the computer screen when the sun goes down. It asks where you live and the program does the rest. My eyes are sensitive and I find the red much easier on them so I have said that I live in Newfoundland. My screen goes reddish mid-afternoon and my eyes are so grateful.

The Dark Side of Blue Light — How Tablets, Computers and Smartphones are Making Us Fat, Sick and Stupid

Scientists have long known that exposure to artificial light at night has far-reaching negative mental and physiological health effects. But now the dangers are accelerating at an astounding pace, largely due to the widespread use of laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets throughout the day and into the evening.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.



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