2017-11-19 Shaw plans on blanketing Maple Ridge with WiFi hotspots. Comments needed by Nov. 22.

[Behaviour – Brain Development – CBC’s Sunday Edition with Michael Enright on Smartphones & Social Media (Addiction, Anxiety, Cutting, Depression, Isolation, Loneliness, Sleep, Suicide) & Guests Jean M. Twenge (Book iGen & Mental Health) & Clive Thompson (Education) – Cell Towers – Children – Cocaine – Corporations Control & Profit – Data – Doctor Patricia Daly, Vancouver Coastal Health – EHS – Health Canada Safety Code 6 – Hills Criteria of Causation – Hot Spots – ISED – John Horgan – Marcus Schluschen Letters to Claire Trevena, MLA (Mary Carstairs) re BC Hydro Smart Meter Program & EHS – Marketplace with Wendy Mesley on Cell Phones – Michelle Mungall – NDP Gag Order? – New Subscribers – Parks & Playgrounds – Pew Research Center – Please Send Comments to Kiersten Enemark,Shaw re Maple Ridge Public Wi-Fi – RFR – Scott Fraser – Studies | Gold River & Maple Ridge, BC – China – India – Switzerland – UK] & (audio) & Book

1)    Urgent response needed to Shaw’s plan to blanket Maple Ridge, including parks and playgrounds, with WiFi hot spots. There was a public meeting last Wednesday (not announced widely) that a couple of our members attended. The time frame is very contracted, with public comments being accepted until Nov. 22.  Information that was provided by Shaw:


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Here is some of the info provided by those who attended:

“I asked what the Shaw objectives were.
The response was basically to get additional Shaw subscribers.
People with existing Shaw accounts and email addresses would be able to access the internet via the Shaw Hot Spots and the new Hot Spots in the public areas.
People without an existing Shaw account would be allowed on as a “guest”
I do not know what the parameters of “guest” are but I expect they would be such to force or seduce user to get a Shaw account and email.

Some of the locations are already served by WiFi hot spot supported by other agencies – such as City Hall.

The Memorial Peace Park is currently a WiFi free zone but has some Cell tower radiation.  This site would then have Shaw WiFi with possibly multiple routers – maybe 4-6.  Unknown at this time

Currently there are about 350 Shaw Hot Spots in Maple Ridge, most in commercial establishments such as coffee shops and small businesses.
With this proposal, Shaw want to push WiFi into the public areas that currently have no commercial management.
See Shaw Hot Spots on the web.

One of the first statements made by Shaw reps was that the RFR levels were below SC6.
My verbal response was “Safety Code 6 is Crap.  Look at levels in Switzerland, India and China which were about 50-100 times lower.”

Comparing RFR from WiFi routers with items like remote controls and garage door openers is an attempt to equate the levels which is ludicrous.

And Dr. Daly (the provincial health officer for the area)  is still being quoted in her support of SC6 and that she has no concerns about RFR and WiFi.  Of course she would say that because it seems that every one in the health business believes that Health Canada and ISED are telling the truth when they say that RFR is harmless if the levels are below SC6.

Shaw is aggressively installing Shaw Hot Spots all across Canada.  (more than 80,000 already)”

Please send your comments, no matter how short.  Please tell them that Shaw is endangering those living and working near these hot spots, children playing in parks, as well as insects like bees without which we could not live.

And bcc:  ted@stopsmartmetersbc.com

Community Consultation email

You can send your questions and comments to:
Kiersten Enemark <kiersten.Enemark@sjrb.ca> (604-929-3103)
by Nov. 22, 2017


2)    CBC had a program on Sunday Edition about smartphones and kids, but not one word about health problems. And they could have drawn from Wendy Mesley’s program a few months ago in which she spoke to the lack of safety testing and the warnings in manuals. Comments can be made on the form at:  http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/contact


What are smartphones doing to young people?

Smartphones making young people more lonely and depressed

“Twenge agrees with recent research linking smartphone use among young people to sleep disruption, loneliness, anxiety, depression and even increased risk of suicide. 

One addiction expert in the U.K. likened giving a child a smartphone to “giving them a gram of cocaine.” (CBC)

She says communicating online has been no substitute for face-to-face interaction with friends.

“Social media companies advertise themselves as a way for us to connect with each other. But when you look at the data, that doesn’t really hold up,” Twenge says.”


(audio 30:39) What are smartphones doing to young people? by CBC Sunday Edition – Season 2017, Episode 300313082 – November 17, 2017:
(Three-quarters of North American teenagers either own or have access to a smartphone. Too much screen-time has been linked to loneliness, anxiety, depression and an increased risk of suicide. Michael’s guests are Jean Twenge and Clive Thompson.)



(read top to bottom)

From: Marcus Schluschen  (name provided with permission)
To: Trevena.MLA, Claire
Sent: November 17, 2017 1:01 PM


Subject: Does Mrs. Trvena care?

Hello Mary,

I have sent numerous emails regarding “smart” meters and 5G microtowers to Mrs. Trevena and received no reply to anything I have sent.  Has Mrs. Trevena taken the time to read the science information I sent?
As a constituent of her riding, as well as long time supporter of the NDP, I must confess that I am deeply disappointed in her, and the NDP’s non-response.

Does the NDP not care?
Is Mrs. Trevena not concerned about the health of her own family, or the well being of the environment that we share with other life?

I’d like to know if the NDP will be reviewing the monumental “smart” meter hubris, by the previous government, considering that “smart” meter radiation meets the scientific standards of ‘The Hills Criteria of Causality’ to do harm.

It is appalling that we have to fight for our health, and the health of generations to come, while government officials stay silent! Obviously, corporate interest and profit overrules environmental health, and any trace of human compassion.

As you might know from my previous correspondence, my wife suffers from severe sensitivities to electromagnetic radiation (EHS), which was the sole reason for us to move to remote Gold River, far away from work, family and friends.
Anyone who is unfamiliar, or wishes to remain unfamiliar with this subject, has no idea how much agony EHS sufferers go through on a daily basis. The word ‘torture’ would describe this man-made affliction most accurately.


“Widespread use of digital media and near constant exposure to wireless devices, has caused increasing concern among scientists, health care professionals, psychologist, educators and the public who are now considering this is not only a public health issue, but a looming health crisis.”  

“It appears that we are at the same point of emerging science similar to early recognition of health impacts associated with tobacco, asbestos, coal dust and lead.  These concerns are amplified by industry proposals for a massive expansion of wireless infrastructure and connectivity.”  – Physicians for Safe Technology

Will the NDP stay silent and run roughshod over our civil rights, which are enshrined in the Canadian constitution, as the previous government did?

If Mrs. Trevena will not respond, would you please be so kind and respond?

Kind regards,

Marcus Schluschen

= = =

From: Trevena.MLA, Claire
To: Marcus
Sent: November 17, 2017 1:31 PM

Subject: RE: Does Mrs. Trevena care?

Dear Marcus

Minister Trevena is aware of your concerns. I might suggest that you write to the Minister responsible Michelle Mungall. Her email address is: EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca

Kind regards

Mary Carstairs | Constituency Assistant | Hon. Claire Trevena, MLA North Island
Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure
P: 250-287-5100 | F: 250-287-5105 | 908 Island Highway Campbell River, V9W 2C3

= = =

My reply to Mary Carstairs: 

Hello Mary,

Minister Mungall received my emails several weeks ago and, just like Minister Trevena, chose not to reply. Mr. Scott Fraser who used to be our MLA, replied to my emails in a timely fashion, why the change?
I am surprised that the NDP would resort to ‘stonewalling’ on the “smart” meter issue, which was forced on the public, biologically untested, without informed consent.

Are the Ministers on a “smart” meter gag order?
When Mr. Horgan was in opposition, he was sympathetic to the thousands British Columbians who were well informed of the health issues, he was also aware of the colossal waste of money, this insane Liberal government program recklessly imposed on the citizens of BC.

The NDP’s Fast Ferries were a minor mistake, compared the Liberals “smart” meter fiasco?
Will this government stand idly by and continue in the same stoic fashion, as the morally bankrupt previous government?

To learn that Minister Trevena is aware of my concerns is of little comfort, as I was hoping for an actual reply.  I am not alone, as thousands of British Columbians share the very same concerns.

If health is of such little importance to this government, may I ask, what exactly is important to them?
Will this government stand idly by and allow the population of British Columbia to be used in this unauthorized, uncontrolled, biological experiment, in direct violation of international law?

The only thing that is “green” are the billions of dollars wasted on this idiotic “smart” meter scam.

Kind regards,

Marcus Schluschen


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”
~ Eve Ensler



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