2017-11-10 15 year study re disappearance of birds and insects from a pristine area after cell towers came.

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1)    Here is a very complicated article about cybersecurity measures being taken by the US Dept. of Defense. I couldn’t understand most of it, but there is one important portion that, I believe, applies to any system such as the smeter program, which I’ve copied below. Our program and grid is terribly vulnerable and, despite warnings, I have seen no indication that measures are being taken at either the federal or provincial level to enhance security.

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Cybersecurity: What every CS vendor should know:  Part one.

“… “while the inclusion of cybersecurity during the design and construction of control systems will increase the cost of both design and construction, it is more cost-effective to implement these security controls starting at design than to implement them on a designed and installed system. Historically, control systems have not included these cybersecurity requirements, so the addition of these cybersecurity requirements will increase both cost and security. The increase in cost will be lower than the increase in cost of applying these requirements after design.”

While the cybersecurity requirements can appear to be daunting and adding additional cost, the cost to not meet the cybersecurity requirements could result in loss and damages far in excess of the new requirements. A key objective is to make cyber a part of the normal business practice within the next 5 to 10 years.”


2)    We all get frustrated when we get form letters in response to our letters in which we include scientific evidence that the recipient doesn’t want to acknowledge. It’s not just us. Below is a letter from two experts to the EU Commissioner of Health about a response they received after they wrote about the dangers of 5G technology.

3)    A botanist in Australia has monitored and catalogued, over 15 years, the disappearance of birds, insects, and other living things in a national park heritage site since cell towers were installed.


4)    Dr. Ronald Powell has provided what he thinks an informed consent agreement from a telecom re. microcells would look like, if the company were honest.

Ronald M. Powell

Informed Consent Agreement for the Installation of Small Cell Towers in Your Residential Community

“If a telecommunications company could NOT install small cell towers in a residential community in Montgomery County, MD without the informed consent of the residents of that community, and if the informed-consent agreement was an honest one, it might look something like this:

Will you grant permission for my telecommunications company to erect small cell towers in your residential community, including, possibly, one tower in front of your home”.



To: EU Commissioner of Health Dr Andriukaitis                                          November 9, 2017

We suppose that you know that Director John F. Ryan, October 13, 2017 replied (Ares (2017) 5015409 – Reply) to the EU 5G-appeal, and that he said: ”There is consistent evidence that exposure to electromagnetic fields does not represent a health risk… if below the limits …” His conclusion is based on the opinions of ICNIRP and SCENIHRSince Mr. Ryan said he writes on your behalf, we now ask for your own opinion as the EU Commissioner of Health. Director Ryan’s letter is attached and also the ”Cover letter” of the EU 5G-Appeal, so you can see the whole appeal and the 180+ signatories.

On February 1, 2016, in a Comment on SCENIHR to Mr. Ryan it was shown by Drs. Carpenter and Hardell, representing BioInitiative and ECERI, that: ”The evidence in the SCENIHR Final Opinion on EMF clearly and convincingly establishes the potential for health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields [EMF]. Based on the evidence provided in this Opinion, the Committee is obligated to draw to the attention of the [EU] Commission that EMF is a new and emerging problem that may pose an actual or potential threat.

   It seems to us that Mr. Ryan did not consider this 2015 article and the 5G Appeal, with a long list of compelling evidence and references under the headline: ”Harmful effects of RF-EMF exposure are already proven”. In addition, Mr. Ryan does not seem to note that the Appeal was signed and confirmed by more than 180 scientists and doctors, see the updated list of signatories.

In spite of all this, Mr. Ryan in his reply to us still continues to claim that EMF ”does not represent a health risk” and – without any other references than ICNIRP and SCENIHR – defends industry’s standpoint that EMFs are harmless if below the ICNIRP ”safety guidelines”. In addition he ignores the IARC evaluations on both ELF-EMF and RF-EMF to be ‘possible’ human carcinogens, Group 2B. Obviously not only statements by ICNIRP and SCENIHR, but also by IARC at WHO should have been considered.

Because of the facts given above we cordially ask for your own opinion in this matter as the EU Commissioner of Health. Our 5G-Appeal and the conclusions with references (blue links) are well documented. You find the Appeal by clicking one of the seven language options in the attached ”Cover letter”.

We appeal to EU to appoint a truly independent expert group of EMF-and-health researchers (contrary to ICNIRP and SCENIHR) to decide about new safe guidelines for EMF exposure. It is imperative to immediately apply EU:s Precautionary Principle (and ALARA) enabling rapid response to stop distribution of 5G products in order to diminish the harm that has already been proven by scientists.

We mentioned in the 5G-appeal that we would make both the appeal and the response from EU publicly available. We have already done so and will also make your answer publicly available in the same way. Please read the Appeal and draw your own conclusions. We look forward to your answer no later than November 30, 2017.

Respectfully submitted

Rainer Nyberg                                       Lennart Hardell

Rainer Nyberg                                 Lennart Hardell
EdD, Professor Emeritus          MD, PhD, Oncologist
Vasa, Finland                                   Örebro, Sweden
NRNyberg@abo.fi                  lennart.hardell@regionorebrolan.se


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”
~ Edmund Burke

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