2017-11-08 NDP freezing BC Hydro rates during in-depth review of Hydro

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1)    A showing of “Generation Zapped” in Sooke:

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Awareness Film Night in Sooke will be screening “Generation Zapped on December 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the theatre at Edward Milne Community School, 6218 Sooke Rd. (on the eastern edge of Sooke).  Our post screening discussion will be led by Katharina Gustavs, Building Biologist.  Admission is by donation. Questions can be sent via:


2)    The NDP says it’s freezing the BC Hydro rates for a year during which period there will be a review of BC HydroNow is the time to ask Horgan and Mungall to include a review of the smeter program which has many associated costs that BC Hydro never knew about and/or never budgeted for. E.g. the short lifespan. Instead of the 20 years used for budgeting, experts in the industry say the meters will last 5-7 years, which makes sense for a cheap computer. Also, the needed security to protect our privacy and the integrity of the grid. This will be even more expensive than the program itself, I bet.

Please call, write, email them. Contact info is on our website www.stopsmartmetersbc.com under “CONTACT” [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/].

Also, ask for an accounting of all of the opt-out fees we have paid and continue to pay. Where have the many millions gone? And what additional services are being provided and what are the associated costs?  Why is BC Hydro charging much more than anywhere else, even FortisBC charges “only” $9 a month for a transmitter-off smeter.

BC Hydro backs off rate increase as NDP plans comprehensive review

“BC Hydro will hold off on a planned rate increase while the NDP government undertakes a comprehensive review of the electric utility.

The ministry of energy, mines and petroleum announced both the rate freeze and the review Wednesday, saying it was part of the government’s commitment to addressing the province’s affordability crisis…

The review will be a one-year process, which will keep hydro rates frozen during that time, fulfilling promises the NDP made during the election campaign to halt further rate increases.”


BC Government puts a freeze on BC Hydro rates

“Late Wednesday, Mungall faced questions in the legislature about whether her announcement of a rate freeze was misleading because it actually still requires approval from the independent BCUC, which has yet to approve the government’s application.

Green leader Andrew Weaver said he was “really troubled” that government made it sound like the freeze was already approved, when it could still be rejected by the BCUC. He asked Mungall to issue a formal correction. “Sometimes it’s OK to admit you made an error,” he said.

Mungall refused, saying she would have to “agree to disagree” with the Liberals and Greens….”


BC Hydro rates frozen

“The rate freeze will provide government the time to undertake a comprehensive review of BC Hydro. That review will identify changes and cost savings to keep rates low while ensuring BC Hydro has the resources it needs to continue to provide clean, safe and reliable electricity. Details of the scope and process for the review will be developed once government has made a final decision on Site C.”


3)    Someone in the USA has been researching the American Cancer Society and found many links with the telecoms. See below in Letters. Just as in BC and Canada, it seems the Cancer Society is more interested in fund raising than in warning people about microwave radiation. But the cozy relationships are not limited to telecoms. Look at what Samuel Epstein has learned over the years:



Below is what I found on the American Cancer Society [ACS]. There must be much more.

ACS is the most frequently quoted organization when health issues related to Smart Meters, cell towers and cell phones are mentioned in the media.

I don’t know of any concerted efforts by anti-wireless groups to expose its conflicts of interest. Why not?

ACS even has a fundraising app advertised on its website.

What are the actual dollar amounts from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Crown Castle, Mobilitie or other wireless companies as well as the type of in-kind donations such as equipment, prizes, marketing, joint ventures, partnerships, perks for ACS employees, etc. This shouldn’t be difficult to find even by contacting their main offices. Please reply to me and the email list with what you find.


Corporate sponsors (the top ones):

Siemens – Smart Meters

CEOs against cancer – 11 on the panel:

The Global Council for CEOs Against Cancer is an elite group of CEOs of the largest and most influential corporations who serve in an advisory capacity on time sensitive, industry, subject matter, or geographically relevant topics pertaining to the global cancer burden.

Warner Baxter, Ameren Corp.
Greg Brown, Motorola Solutions
Ginny Rometty, IBM
Dennis Muilenberg, Boeing
Julie Sweet, Accenture

Partner Promotions
Cox Communications



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Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
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