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1)    The Smeter Resolution did not make it to the floor at the NDP convention. Very few resolutions did in what was a very tightly controlled convention, apparently. But thanks to the efforts of people handing out flyers, talking with delegates both outside and inside the Conference Centre, some attention was given to the Resolution in the Times Colonist today:

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B.C. NDP convention topics that garner less attention

“Ask the B.C. Utilities Commission or other body to evaluate the true costs to ratepayers of the B.C. Hydro smart meter program.”


2)    A member found 2 excellent letters that were written by very knowledgeable people in Maryland with regard to proposed microcell transmitters and 5G:

Ronald M. Powell

“…the scientific evidence suggests that we must treat radiofrequency radiation, and in particular cellular radiation, not only as dangerous to health generally, but also as a CARCINOGEN that is dangerous to life itself. And, there are laws against assault. Further, since that assault can result in death, those people must be considered as under “assault with a deadly weapon”.  That is also against the law.  Furthermore, if any of those people die as the result of that assault, that is “murder”.  Murder is also against the law.

So, it seems fair to ask this question:  Is the 1996 Telecommunications Act so powerful that it overrides the laws against assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and murder? I doubt very much that the authors of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, in their zeal to promote the rapid expansion of cellular technology without prior testing for safety, intended to convey a right to the telecommunications industry to assault, and even kill, people.

If County officials want to protect the public from harm, they need to rally their legal might to resist ALL EFFORTS to install small cell towers in the County, not just because that is the right thing to do, but also because such installation violates multiple existing laws that are reasonably believed to be preeminent.”


“Suppose the Federal government passed a law stating that herbicides could be sprayed over populated areas by contractors, and these sprayings could not be opposed for health reasons.  If a local company wanted to initiate daily sprayings of Agent Orange over Montgomery County, would the members of the County Council allow it, despite what the law stated?  Would the residents allow it, despite what the law stated?  I suspect there would be an armed insurrection to block the spraying.  Yet, cell tower developers are proposing to ‘spray’ a highly toxic substance (non-ionizing radiation in RF bands) over Montgomery County, and the decision-makers act as if they have no options.”

Nov. 1st, 2017


3)    Another member found this website which has this interesting article about physicists, many of whom work for the telecom industry and are said to be experts on wireless radiation, even though most have no knowledge whatsoever about the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation.  Good info to have when someone quotes a physicist and tries to use him/her to say that microwave radiation is ‘just fine’.

“American biochemist and biophysicist Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel laureate, who contributed a lot in bioenergetics, stated something like that: A biologist should be very skeptical if a physicist says that some event is impossible in living organism because when that event nevertheless will be reliably detected, a physicist will explain the phenomenon as if it’s OK.”


4)    And yet another member found an unexpected way our RF meters can help protect us.


How to prevent being watched by hidden cameras in rental homes on vacation

“So what can you do to prevent this from happening to your family? Black recommends buying a radio frequency finder, which sells for about $10-$20 on Amazon.

The device is able to easily detect cameras that are using a wireless signal, so a quick walk around a rental home or hotel room with one should show the presence of any hidden devices, Black said.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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