2017-11-04 BCUC recommending time-of-use billing to reduce energy usage if Site C is stopped.

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1)    BCUC is suggesting TOU time-of-use billing to compensate for loss of power from Site C, to drive up rates so people will use less energy.  How can this make sense when we still have surplus energy to sell to others? This time-of-use billing is the prime reason for smeters – and the Liberals were fearful of the backlash if they introduced it. The NDP should be, too. The most vulnerable will suffer from it – the elderly, the disabled, and young families – people who have to use electricity to heat or cool homes, cook, etc. and cannot wait until the price drops to do so.

Ontario Hydro One TOU – July 01, 2017-April 30, 2018

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I hope everyone will write to Mungall, Horgan and your MLA about this horrible idea:

Minister of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources <michelle.mungall.MLA@leg.bc.ca>

Premier John Horgan <premier@gov.bc.ca>

MLAs – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/z/bc-contact-e-mail-lists/

B.C. energy minister leery about any time-of-use Hydro pricing

BC.’s energy minister is not rushing to embrace a suggestion by the B.C. Utilities Commission that the province introduce time-of-use electricity pricing as part of any alternative to the Site C dam.

Michelle Mungall said Thursday said she’s concerned that pricing based on the time of day that people use electricity would unfairly drive up bills.

“When would you actually increase rates in terms of time of use? Would you do it over peak times when everybody is using it? Well, then you would be increasing people’s rates,” Mungall said in an interview. “And that doesn’t fall in line with our commitment to keep life more affordable.”


2)    We had a good turnout at the NDP convention today. Thank you to all who came down in the cold, wet weather. The resolution was to be presented this afternoon (I have yet to hear if it was presented or if it is delayed until the next convention), so we are not going down to the convention on Sunday. The reaction of the delegates was, by and large, very positive. Many said they still have their analogs, and many said that they felt the NDP did not fight the program sufficiently in the beginning. A couple explained why the smeters are important – that the goal is to encourage solar and to do crediting of the power fed back into the system [https://www.bchydro.com/work-with-us/selling-clean-energy/net-metering.html], a home needs a smeter. But the smeter does not have to be wireless, irradiating people. One that connects via fiber optic cable would be much safer and more efficient. With all of the rebuilding of infrastructure that was destroyed by fires, now would be a perfect time to put in underground fiber optic cable. Fast, efficient, and it would not be vulnerable to weather.

Sooke Lake Rd. House Fire

I had a poster with a burned meter and a home that had burned due to a smeter. This did get attention as many people did not realize these are fire hazards. I asked for anyone who could get Horgan’s ear to speak with him about this. The Attorney General, David Eby, seemed very interested when he heard that BC Hydro was removing smeters, illegally, from the scene of fires prior to the inspection being done. This might be a legal matter worth discussing with him.

3)     IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) is highlighting cancers in young people, 20-39, urging better prevention, diagnosis and care. Scientists have reported that the vast majority (if I recall correctly, close to 90%) of cancers are environmentally induced. From much of what I’ve read, the cancer societies are spending little of the billions they raise on prevention or trying to find causes. Rather they, along with the pharmaceuticals, spend money on drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. Why aren’t they  telling people the risks of using wireless devices, for example?

Global Burden of Cancer Among Young Adults, aged 20-39.

“…common tumour type among children (0-14)  and adolescents (15-19) , including leukaemia, cancers of the brain and central nervous system…”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtZ3DKwJgM8  (3:20 minutes)



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“But what we need above all is criti­cal citizens, who can spot the difference between technical progress and consumer foolishness: citizens who, as both voters and consumers, remember that democracy once meant rule of the people, not ruling the people.”
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