2017-11-01 We need independent review of smeter program, just like the one done for Site C

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Would anyone who is coming to the NDP convention and has not let me know, please do so at:

dsnoble@shaw.ca with “NDP convention” on the subject line.

I am trying to coordinate.  And please do come, even if only for a short time. We want to get media coverage as well as let the government know smeters is still an important issue. We are not going away.

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1)    I don’t recall seeing this article in 2014, but it says that there were a whole lot more smeter failures in Saskatchewan than people initially were told. Just like here – except no government official has ever admitted that there has been even 1 smeter fire or failure, let alone called for an investigation. And after 2 months, I have yet to receive word one re. my Fire Report from Premier Horgan, Energy Minister Mungall, Transportation Minister Trevena, Green MLA Furstenau or any other MLA. Have they all been ordered to ignore it?

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Why is the NDP now supporting a Liberal program it once fought against?  There were red flags with regard to ITRON smeters long before BC Hydro signed the contract. What due diligence did they do? I suspect none or they would have known about fires in California and elsewhere. Just about every make of smeter has had similar problems because of basic design flaws.

Internal smart meter report shows government put people at risk

Wotherspoon said this government clearly didn’t do its homework. The NDP previously revealed warnings from experts – but Monday’s report exposed additional warnings, including from a company in the industry.

There were meter failures and fires big enough to do real damage. There were 359 failures. There were warnings from Saskatchewan experts and a direct warning from a company with industry knowledge. There were red flags from other jurisdictions in which meters were failing, including Alabama and the Philadelphia Electric Company, which halted their smart meter program in August 2012,” said Wotherspoon.

“It’s appalling that this government plowed ahead despite the warnings. Then, in ramming ahead, it failed to put enough protection into the contract for Saskatchewan.  It didn’t even consider the risk of the meter failures, or the impact that could have on families’ safety, and the rates they will pay for power.”


2)    Something happened to a member yesterday, and she wants to know if anything like this has happened to anyone else. I am telling the info she gave me, which I think very interesting.

She and her family live on a hobby farm, doing everything they believe they can to live well. Prior to 2013, they had all sorts of wireless devices because they didn’t know RF was harmful. She suffered a variety of health issues including insomnia, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, stiff joints and overwhelming fatigue. Then, in 2013, they refused to allow FortisBC to install a smeter, and without proper warning or notification, Fortis cut their power.  She said that since that time they have used a generator, hard wired everything and have no wireless devices at all, and her health is vastly improved. The hardship, she believes, has been worth it.   

Yesterday, without any notice, Fortis removed the analog from her home along with the wire that ran from the home to the pole [called the service drop].  She is now concerned that if she needs to have electricity for some reason, especially in the winter, getting it will become a bigger deal.  She is asking if anyone else who has either gone off grid or is using a generator had the wire from the home to the pole removed.

Please let me know if this has happened to you.
Email dsnoble@shaw.ca with “line cut” on the subject line.


3)    Independent review shows BC Hydro misled re. many facets of Site C which has led to a very expensive project going over budget and ruining the lives of many and the environment for many more. The smeter project was the other major project that was pushed through the Clean Energy Act so that it escaped oversight.

We should demand that an independent body of Engineers look at this program and this device to determine if it’s safe and secure. If they find it isn’t (which they will), then there should be a complete recall. Please post comments, and consider sending them to your MLA:

and to the author of the article:

If anyone is making signs for the NDP convention, one asking for an independent review would be good.

Site C dam project running over budget, says regulator

Premier John Horgan’s NDP government faces a tough political decision over the future of B.C.’s largest construction project, despite a report Wednesday that said the Site C dam is over budget, behind schedule and poses a growing financial risk to taxpayers.

The B.C. Utilities Commission released its final study into Site C, which outlines a series of problems, cost-overruns and missed opportunities to pursue alternative clean power, in what proved to be a 299-page rebuke of former Liberal premier Christy Clark’s signature hydroelectric project…

Commission chairman David Morton said the panel’s alternative energy comparison includes optional time-of-use pricing, in which customers would pay more for electricity during peak periods. “We’re far more aggressive in our demand-side management assumptions and I think that’s justifiable because many jurisdictions in North America are much more aggressive than B.C. Hydro,” said Morton.

Neither the NDP nor Liberals have committed to time-of-use pricing, perhaps fearing a backlash from ratepayers who could face a surcharge for using their electric oven or heating sources during peak dinner and evening periods.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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