2017-09-29 Are smeters and microcells all a lead up to “smart” cities for the benefit of telecoms?

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1)    From a member. I am sorry I didn’t have this earlier. It would have been an interesting presentation to attend. It is vital that we support science and independent scientists. As we know from the RF issue, industry’s bent scientists are given too much credit by the government which, for various reasons, is influenced greatly by the telecoms.

If anyone attended, would you please provide a summary?  Send to:  dsnoble@shaw.ca  with “science” on the subject line.

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In Defence of Science: Nancy Baron, Science Communications Expert

A war on science is underway in the United States, where President Donald Trump has fired government scientists, rolled back environmental protections, and withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Nancy Baron, aka “The Scientist Whisperer”, is one of the most skilled champions of science in the US. She joins the Salt Spring Forum in conversation on Friday, September 29th at 7:30 PM at ArtSpring.”


2)    In the UK, it sounds as if the reaction to the fact that smeters are failing and burning is similar to that in BC – denial of the real issue. These things are combustible, cheaply and poorly made pieces of junk.

“That’s 300 occasions where a house, flat or apartment may burn down.  The tragic fire at Grenfell Towers destroyed 98 apartments, so, based on BEIS’ numbers, we are looking at the equivalent of one Grenfell Tower disaster per year for the next three years.  Whilst that might feel like a glib comparison, it won’t feel like that for each of those people who lose their home.  Stalin was alleged to have said that “A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic”.  It appears that Greg Clark’s equivalent is that “an individual fire can be ignored, a Grenfell Tower changes party policy”.  So he’s content to hide and carry on with the smart metering deployment in the hope that no-one notices individual houses burning down.”



3)    Non-smeter.  This shows how the BCUC is unable to do its job, how it is manipulated by BC Hydro, and how it prevents the public from knowing BC Hydro’s incompetence and mis-management. This re. Site C. For whom is BCUC working? Us, the BC taxpayer, or BC Hydro?  Pertinent information is being hidden from us.

Vaughn Palmer: Public unfairly kept in dark on Site C’s ‘gory’ details

“The information pertains to Hydro yes, but it pertains to the public interest even more.

The censored parts of the Deloitte report detail how Hydro underestimated the cost of the main civil works contract from the outset and only kept the work on schedule by draining the contingency fund. The findings, as Deloitte itself notes, call into doubt “Hydro’s ability to estimate large contracts” and “reduces our confidence in the accuracy of the other main contract packages that have yet to be awarded.”

No question why Hydro wanted the gory details suppressed. No way should the independent regulator cooperate in keeping the public in the dark.”


4)    Early in September, Swiss authorities issued warnings re use of digital devices and health effects that must be provided to every teacher in Switzerland. Meanwhile, the provincial health authorities refuse to inform parents, teachers and school board authorities about these risks to health for children exposed to Wi-Fi that is mandatory in most, if not all, schools.

Switzerland: Note Issued by the Child and Youth Health Service of Geneva on the Health Risks of Use of Digital Technology

“In July 2017, the Child and Youth Service of the Department of Public Instruction, Geneva canton, issued a note on the risks of digital technology to health which must be transmitted to all teachers at the start of the school year. The Service reminds us that screens also affect sleep and eyesight, and favor the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. The note briefly mentions electromagnetic radiation (in the context of cancer risk and the precautionary recommendations by the Federal Office for Public Health regarding use of Wi-Fi- WLAN). It is our hope that this note will also be sent to all physicians, especially pediatricians.”


5)    An opinion piece that opines about the real reason for smeters and microcells, for expansion of the RF network throughout our neighbourhoods, removal of any municipal input or control  – to create “smart” cities run by and for the telecoms.  All while pretending not to know about the health risks they warn their investors about.

“EON Opinion: WHY the wireless industry demands SB 649 – their ‘smart’ city vision doesn’t include the public or elected officials From reading the following articles we can begin to see the ultimate vision of the national and international wireless industry. They began their long term vision with the dreaded ‘smart’ meters installation and are implementing the necessary additional infrastructure through SB 649. This is all meant to facilitate their concept of “smart” cities.This is a national and international push by the powerful telecoms and related industries, as well as state by state through the assistance of ALEC. They have Trillions of $$ signs in their eyes at the prospect of this reorganizing of our society for their profit. And they are getting impatient.

Therefore, this industrial wireless vision includes removing much traditional authority for local city and county management from elected local officials. Instead, they want ‘smart’ cities where telecommunications companies, software companies and utilities will determine policy. Some examples are forcing driver-less cars, forcing a push for microwave connected products, which neighborhoods get internet access and what our local esthetics will be along our public rights of way. These same companies will determine traffic, municipal, neighborhood and home organization through wireless technology blasting us constantly.”



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived
~ Nicolo Machiavelli

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