2017-09-24 A power surge, deliberate from an enemy like China, could cripple Canada for a long time

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This is an unusual period of time for me and my family. There is another family member with health issues and I am going to be travelling on Monday, Sept. 25. You most likely will not get an update tomorrow. I will try my best to provide them while I am away. (Hotels with Wi-Fi are so undependable, so if the occasional one goes missing I will attempt to combine or ask another member to circulate for me.)

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Last night I omitted a link to Dr. Sasco’s presentation [2) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2017-09-23-iarc-classifications-re-rf-are-ignored-by-worksafebc/]. Sorry. Here it is:


1)    A letter below regarding the Citizens for Safe Technology (CST) site  which, sadly, has been unattended since the death of its webmaster, Linda Ewart. Good news!! It is being resurrected and information about this is below in Letters.

Linda Ewart

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2)    New regulations will apply to regional Fire Departments starting next year. A coincidence?? As I discovered, fire inspections are not being carried out in a consistent manner, making it impossible for the public or firefighters to know and avoid possible fire hazards.  Hopefully, this change will address that shortfall.

“Chief administrative officer Bill Newell said in an email the new Fire Safety Act, intended for introduction into law in 2018, requires all B.C. regional districts to provide fire inspection and fire investigation, something that used to be the responsibility of a local assistant to the fire commissioner.”



3)    An excellent article by a smeter resister and RF educator in the USA, Kate Kheel. This has a lot of great info that everyone needs to know, and I hope that you will take time to share with your Councillors – better to put in your own words. Politicians always pay more attention to people who can vote for them.

Vision for a Different Way Forward

Telecom begs (buys?) government officials – say they need more towers to “meet public demand.”

Laws are enacted to speed the build-out of towers and antennas.

Our rights are diminished, we have less of a say.

Towers come up and life moves on. 

And the cycle begins once again ad fin-i-tum.


4)    A  “Heads up” from our friend Jerry Flynn about his recent experience with Shaw re “upgrades”.. My advice is beware of upgrades !!


 “Our TV and Internet provider is Shaw. We’re hard-wired, of course.

Yesterday, Shaw came and upgraded our TV/Internet package. Whereas before we had a relatively harmless IR remote control unit, now we have an RF unit – omnidirectional at that! Using my RF meters, I’m certain it uses 2.4 GHz, the ZigBee frequency! Let me say again, it is absolutely omnidirectional, meaning that when I (or anyone else) go to adjust the volume or change channels in any way, it irradiates everyone in the room!  

But come Monday, I’ll phone Shaw and tell them to take back their RF system. I plan to give them no alternative; either return the equipment we had before, which used IR not RF, or we’ll go elsewhere!



5)    Experts and agencies like CIA, Homeland Security, etc. have been warning that an attack on the electrical grid could bring civilization as we know back to the dark ages, for months, or even years. Now that North Korea is being provoked and has the capability, the threat is growing.  Why isn’t the government forcing the utilities to make the Faraday cages that would provide protection for the transformers? Cheap, effective and would save millions of lives.

Barbara Kay: This could destroy our civilization, but we don’t talk about it

“EMPs are not rocket science—in their implications, I mean. Furey explains in blunt language aimed at the average reader what actually happens when a nuclear bomb is detonated 400 km in the air over a populated area…

The basic point is that EMPs constitute a brief energy surge that can—with no warning whatsoever and no direct harm to living beings—radically damage or destroy so much of continental North America’s electrical infrastructure that life as we know it would come to a shuddering stop for months on end. Call for help? Your iPhone is fried. Drive to the store for supplies? Your car’s electronic system is out; it won’t move (and even if it did, your local gas station’s pumps are electrical, and they’re dead). Anyway, that store you are headed for has no power and no way to keep food fresh or get more. Your computer’s down, of course. Also controlled by now-useless electronic SCADAs (Supervising Control and Data Acquisition: the “modern equivalents of the Roman aqueducts”): clean drinking water, the sewage system and the natural gas distribution system.”





From: Una St.Clair <highcroftoffgrid@gmail>  names and email addresses given with permission.
Sent: September 23, 2017
To: Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>; Liz Walker <swalker3@shaw.ca>

Subject: CST website

Hi Sharon – please let your database know that the CST website is being re-vamped and the old one will be unavailable to access shortly. It is in the process of being taken down, and a new website will be constructed.

We recommend that people use the C4ST website in the meantime, and your Stop Smart Meters site.

CST will be getting a face lift as it refocuses on the plight of children from all different manners of exposures. Children will be front and centre. We would like to ask anyone interested in being more closely involved with CST as it reboots as a child centred organization to contact either Liz or Una.

We specifically are looking for people who can work with FB and website, as well as being willing to be trained to make presentations to schools and parent groups regarding the risk to children.

Thanks for your help,

Una St.Clair and Liz Walker


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
The absence of evidence of hazard is not proof of safety”
~ says Dr. Devra Davis

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