2015-12-20 BC Hydro is trespassing again. Why so many visits?


  • A member sent in this info about a new generator that might soon make going off the grid easier.



  • From a group in the USA to remind us that microwave radiation from wireless devices harms bees. Without bees, our lives would change drastically, and not for the good.



  • I sent this YouTube around a couple of years ago but since that time, many new people have joined the Coalition. Many good points but remember, our meters are mandated in BC. We don’t have the “luxury” of saying we do not give consent unless we demand the Clean Energy Act and Direction 4 be changed to recognize our rights.



An example of invasion of privacy is this – BC Hydro providing personal info for the RCMP.



  • A fabulous article in a California newspaper about Google’s Loon Project. This is another project, like the RF wargames over the Olympic Peninsula (inevitably over parts of BC), that Harper’s government never acknowledged. Let’s each write a letter to our MPs, copying Premier Trudeau’s office and any other office you think relevant. Please copy your local media – TV, radio and newspaper.  This is insidious and no one will be able to escape.



  • Below is part of a discussion that has been ongoing all day today about the Loon Project. The important point is that everyone will be exposed to levels which have been found to be harmful. The attached chart was prepared years ago, and since that time, more health effects at low exposures have been confirmed. This RF exposure will be in addition to all that from cell towers and phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi modems. This technology has never been found to be safe – quite the contrary, yet it is allowed to proliferate without regard to our health. Many people who are sensitive suffer greatly from exposure levels of 0.02 microwatts/cm2.  Where will these people go to escape this when the entire earth is being targeted. Please use any part of the information provided to write letters.



From: X
Sent: December 19, 2015
To: BCHydro Customer Relations <customer.relations@bchydro.com>
Cc: Sharon Noble; commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Subject: BC HYDRO revisits Dec 18, 2015 Re: Dec 17, 2015 Meter Reading Acct #


I am writing with deep concern. Yesterday, Friday, December 18, 2015 my wife noticed a male adult with reflective attire walking down our driveway. It was shortly after noon. I interrupted watching the noon news to find out what this individual was doing, since they did not knock on the door.

I called to him, and to his credit, he waited for me to walk down my driveway where he parked behind my vehicle. He had a BC HYDRO magnetic sign on his driver’s door. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was “mostly doing smart meters” and that being I had an analogue meter, I would be good to go for the next 5 years. He showed me a handheld device indicating I had no check-marks of concern.

I mentioned that a fellow named David from BC Hydro was here yesterday, and this fellow seemed surprised. He said, “Funny, my name is David too. The other David is my bunkmate… the two Davids…”

Something did not add up, but I could not put my finger on it.

This morning I happened to look out my patio window, to discover a set of bootprints going across my deck. I allege that this second David went around to the back of my deck and climbed over the railing to access my meter. Not only was this a dangerous practice, but also constituted a trespass.

No attempt was made for this second David to knock on my door, or otherwise make himself known to us, and had it not been for my wife’s chance observance of this individual, I would instead be making a RCM Police report of trespass, causing us concern for potential B&N.

In all the time that we have resided at this address (~30 years), we have never had issues with meter readers. In fact, when they were BC HYDRO employees, they sometimes read the meter with binoculars from the road.

I can only speculate that the behaviour exhibited yesterday was some form of harassment, in light of my continued refusal to accept a “$mart-meter” and payment of a “legacy fee” consistently on time and UNDER PROTEST.

See attached photos, and please advise. (photos of footprints beginning at railing and going across the deck have been omitted.)

I am a party to the class action lawsuit regarding $mart-meters. Under the circumstances, I would like some assurances that this behaviour by BC HYDRO and its contract employees cease and desist coming onto my property unannounced. I can be reached at ——–  or my wife’s cell —–.

Further, please instruct your employees to stay to the shovelled part of the driveway. Even boot tracks in the snow make ice on my steep driveway, making it impassable. That is why my car was parked at the bottom of the driveway.



From Nina Beety who wrote the article in Monterey News”

Frequency matters. These frequencies will damage DNA, probably outright break it down. The ionizing radiation from outer space is not high-powered, yet it can mutate DNA on earth. Leeka Kheifets knows about frequency windows. The resonance of frequencies and their harmonics makes some more dangerous than others.

Oram Miller says this will be targeted RF. There wouldn’t be millions of transmitters on these balloons. With the exception of RF weapons, when a transmitter sends a signal, it has a wide spray pattern the further out it goes. That ensures the coverage. Subscribers would have a key or code or password that would enable them to use the signal.

This is not a pittance exposure, and it will not just impact the already injured. Attached is the chart compiled by Arthur Firstenberg years ago which showed the serious impacts at “low” exposures. What about the more recent research? With the papers by Pall on voltage-gated calcium channels, what is the level that impacts them? Or the blood-brain barrier? Or cellular communication? Below are examples at microW/cm2.

200 microW/m2 (estimated exposure from Google’s project) = .00002 microW/cm2.  Note: this conversion is incorrect. 200 microwatts/m2 = 0.02 microwatts/cm2

0.0000000000001 Altered genetic structure in E. Coli Belyaev 1996

0.000000001 Altered EEG in human subjects Bise 1978

0.00000001 Effects on immune system in mice Bundyuk 1994

0.000027 Premature aging of pine needles Selga 1996

It will also impact birds and any insects that fly at altitude.

There will be no recovery time at night, as this will increase nighttime exposures.

The multi-system organ impacts will be continual. In some people, it will be dramatic. The genetic and DNA alteration and destruction will be universal.


Attached is the heavily-redacted, public version of Google’s application to the FCC for their license to launch this project. (I included this in the Dec. 18 update).  Given the current leadership at the FCC, we do not anticipate roadblocks with Google’s request. Google has piloted this project in locations such as New Zealand and Sri Lanka. They are seeking new subscribers for their Internet service, and several of us believe they may start in the USA in more underserved areas…  more rural areas away from the more advanced networks. This is a two-year “test” — to be rolled out in phases.


We have asked the EMF experts with the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology for their expertise in helping us plan appropriate shielding. They are creating a sound plan that will give us the best advice, and will consider that many of us are living on limited incomes and may be transient.  We expect this plan to become available very soon!


Here are the technical interpretations we have so far:


>From Oram Miller, Certified Building Biology® Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (Los Angeles, CA):


“What I glean from my reading of the Google application to the FCC, which is attached to this email, as well as your excellent description of the technology, copied below, is the following:


  1. Transmitters will be on balloons in orbit 62,000 feet (19 kilometers) or roughly 12 miles above the surface of the earth.


  1. There will be multiple transmitters, possibly as small as 2 mm in size, beaming targeted RF to a subscriber in a circle roughly 328 feet across (100 meters).


  1. The transmissions will be at 71 and 81 GHz.


  1. The signal strength could have a maximum EIRP of 55 dBW, or 300,000 watts, or 0.02 microwatts per square centimeter.


  1. That puts the power density into terms we can understand, because that is equivalent to 200 microWatts per square meter (µW/m2) at ground level.


A power flux density of 200 µW/m2 is a pittance compared to the thousands or hundreds of thousands of µW/m2 that non-EHS people are exposed to every day at close range from their wireless devices, but it is too high for an EHS person.”


Alasdair (Philips of PowerWatch) from EMFields shared this interpretation: “I now see that they are using LTE (4G) and not WiFi for their modulation schemes. This (200 uW/m^2) value is equivalent to about 0.3 V/m. After coming up with higher values, my last estimate was about 0.13 V/m. So maybe we say a max value about 0.2 V/m. That is very concerning. It will drop off quickly with cloudy weather and in rain.”



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble
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