2015-11-19 Head of CSIS warns of cyberattack to grid

  • Ontario MPP raises concerns about hacking of $$meters. In spite of Hydro’s and Fortis’s claims that these things reduce power being stolen, in fact it has been demonstrated that it is easier to steal power from wireless $$meters than it is from analogs.



  • A member suggested that this document to the European Economic and Social Committee be re-circulated, and be provided to politicians, etc. in support of our concerns regarding the microwave radiation emitted by smeters. It is not technical and is easily understood by those new to the topic.



  • Perhaps the govt  FINALLY is becoming concerned about the vulnerabilities of the grid which is connected and using the internet!!

“The head of Canada’s main spy agency says he views the possibility of a cyberattack by ISIS or other extremist groups on the country’s “critical infrastructure” as “a major threat.””



  • The push for the $$mart grid apparently is coming from the telecom companies who are looking for wider use of their services, phasing out analog networks, but at what costs??

 “The options offered by carriers tend to be much more expensive, such as fiber access (where it’s available), IP over copper, or wireless cellular broadband (which is relatively unproven for mission-critical services). The fixed network service options, fiber and copper-based, typically cost anywhere from 4 to 10 times what existing TDM-based circuits cost. Moreover, they provide far more capacity, at much greater cost, than what is actually needed by most current utility applications. Worse yet, utilities may be required to pay substantial amounts to the carrier to install fiber or upgrade the copper infrastructure serving their substations and other locations.”


  • We do have enough sun to use solar power in BC, either to leave the monopolies or for the utilities to consider cheaper and greener options than flooding valuable, irreplaceable land.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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